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Messing around with colour
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Ivor's Sketches

Just a few scribbles I'd like to show off that are not related to my coursework. :)

Messing around with colour

Messing around with colour

This is a sketch I created based on http://www.artyfacto...awing_a_dog.htm which I ran across whilst looking up the history of the Pencil for Unit 1.

I used the Grid method for the basic layout, as my 'original' was only 7cm x 6cm. This sketch is roughly 4 times that size (doubled width and height).

I didn't have all the colours suggested (no purple, orange, pink...), so I had to improvise. Hopefully you can at least tell he started life as a collie? Posted Image


PS. I have noticed he doesn't appear to have any whiskers...

Uploaded: Jul 24 2011 06:51 PM
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Ivor Sandpiper

Ivor   Sandpiper


Uploaded: Dec 07 2011 08:12 PM
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