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    This is a picture I drew over six years ago! Wow time flies. I think portraits are my favorite and can't wait to move on to unit 4 to see how much I improve...if I can ever get done with the shoe in unit 3 LOL

    This is great Jeremy, just think how far you are going to be able to go now with this training. How exciting!
    Nice job, Jeremy.
    Jeremy, Well done, it is a treat to see some older work... even though you've done well here, just imagine what you are going to be able to do after a couple of more weeks of study!

    Donna Duquette
    Aug 11 2010 05:41 PM
    Nice work, Jeremy...I knew who it was right away!
    Thanks ladies for the nice comments! Posted Image
    Hi Jeremy, nice drawing!

    Don't be worried by the shoe, it is easier than what you may think. It is just a matter o patience ;)