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A shoe well-travelled

    I love this shoe, it is the shoe my husband wore when working at the Sunshine Coast University while we were in a business transition stage. As I moved out of live art tuition and into internet tuition it was a massive change for our business and Stuart went back to work in the corporate sector to support us during that time. This shoe took him safely to work and back - into that concrete jungle. I chose this shoe for the unit three project because I felt it would give you all an excellent opportunity to experience a variety of things including; form and texture - there are many different textures in here; the folds with the creases, the leather of the upper part of the shoe, shoe laces and the rubber sole. In your unit three shade course notes you will be given complete step by step instructions for this project and the learning experience is very good for you. Many artists throughout history have turned to the humble shoe for inspiration and as a valuable source of training. By drawing shoes we are provided with the opportunity to practice many important areas of study.