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    I did this portrait as Christmas gift for my husband :)

    This is fantastic! Your husband has a great smile and I'm sure he is very, very pleased with your work.
    Wonderful portrait! He'll be as elated as he is in the drawing!

    That is a beautiful drawing!! well done!!!
    This is lovely, and a very special gift! I am sure that he was very pleased to receive it! My husband loves this sort of gift... he says it is because the giver is thinking about the person that will receive the gift the whole time it is being created, and so alot of love shows through! Your love is definitely is shining through...
    Thanks for all the lovely comments. And yes my husband really loved his gift :) and it made me also happy
    Really well done! Your portrait work is so great :)
    Thanks Monique :)
    This is a fantastic portrait Deepti, I am sure your husband would be thrilled with this. Great work! Cindy