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Living Room Interior

    Living Room Interior

    Linving room interior with outside view

    What a lovely drawing of a lovely room! Well done! :)
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    Hi Malca, this is fantastic..

    Hello Malca, This is a really good room! You have done so well with your rules of perspective, congratulations! I especially like all of the glass and mirrors... the reflections are wonderful. It really adds to your room, you've gone above and beyond!
    HI Malca, this is well done, its good to see that you have made significant progress with perspective during thiss unit. This room is creative and shows that you are beginning to really understand the basics of perspective. Great work here.

    Donna Duquette
    Jul 01 2011 01:31 PM
    This is such a great drawing, Malca...I just love all the glass and those louvered shutters. Nice work!
    Thank you, I also like the portrait of Hanna that you made. It really shows how much work and dedication you put into it.
    Thank you for your encouragement Cindy!