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Evil Caracter

    This is the first time that I completely invent something like this from scratch :)
    Far away from being perfect, but I am proud anyway, I've never though I could do things like these and above all that I could know there lights and shadows should go (as far as the shading is right ;) )

    OOOOO! He truly is an evil character, Ale! I love the facial expression.Your shading skills have been well used here,Great work!
    Hey Ale!I am totally impressed...you should be more than proud!:)
    Hi, thanks for your comments :)

    I have noticed an anatomical error, the jaw should not be so rounded... I will fix it soon :)
    Thanks :)
    Excellent character!
    Thanks :)
    This is great Ale!
    Thank you Jill :)
    Nice scars ;)
    He's either very grumpy, or about to burst into tears.
    Either way I dont really want to meet him coming the other way down a dark alleyway.