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Giant Side

    I know, I need to improve the anatomy... it was an interesting path and definitely my first attempt to shade an entire body.
    I have used Photoshop with the normal round brush, nothing special :)

    I like it Nice job. Very interesting Warmth Debbie
    Hi Debbie, thanks :)
    Hi Ale, its great to see you are working on the full body muscle structure. Study of anatomy is so important for all artists. The best thing you can do to learn more about this area is to join a weekly life drawing group where people just get together (without a teacher) to draw un-clothed models.
    Hi Cindy, thanks for the hints. I'll try to find if there are some life drawing sessions somewhere around here :)
    Hi Ale, the way that you have applied your tones around the muscle areas are excellent.
    Hi Brigitte, thank you :)
    This is good Ale. The shading of the muscles is great
    Thanks Jill :)