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Gift to the town

    Gift to the town

    My final painting for Unit6.
    I recently discovered this lovely shop. I've seen the town for 20+ years, visiting several times a year, but this shop appeared all of sudden. Inside of the shop is filled with lovely gifts, sweets, and children clothes/toys, and it also had a small cafe - tea and cakes. Lovely.
    I felt this shop as a gift, given to the town. Thus with ribbon decoration here in my painting :)

    Glad that you had a go at this lovely shop, Rumiko. I remember seeing the photo in your classroom a while back and I know how much you felt drawn and connected to it. You've really expressed how special it is to you in this wonderful artwork...congratulations.
    Great painting, Rumico!
    Beautiful painting and it looks like a great gift shop to shop in.

    Donna Duquette
    Jan 16 2012 02:47 PM
    Nice work, Rumiko, and I couldn't agree more--a nice gift shop is a gift in and of itself.