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    This is the pencil drawing of a photo that I have shot some years ago with a reflex camera.
    As usually I overestimate myself when I chose my subjects, I thought that the fur was easier but it gave me a lot of challenge. It is far from being perfect but what's done is done ;)

    The photo represents two zebras, one is only showing its back side (in the background) :)

    This is fantastic Ale... Congratulations! I knew you could do it!
    You are just getting better and better!
    This is amazing work Ale and looks perfectly perfect to me.
    Your shading is fantastic
    Hi, thank you all for the comments :)
    This is such a great drawing Ale! I'm glad I got to see it finished and I liked seeing the stages on Facebook. Well done!
    Thanks Jeremy, I am glad to have finished it too, this drawing was the fastest that I have ever done... straiiiinge ;)
    Zebra's make an interesting drawing. Great job!
    I'm presently working on planning, shapes, tone and value and less on minute detail. For me, It seems to help the over-worked look I tend to end up with. The more natural drawing or painting becomes because of practice and applying what we learn (less thinking trying to remember guidelines or looking at notes etc. our drawings look better and we get done alot sooner. I've drawn the same picture because of erasing etc. 3x over. I heard an artist say recently; he can complete a painting and make $1,000 in an hour backed with 30 years experience.
    As I said on facebook this drawing is amazing. You really do a great job, Ale!
    Thanks Yana, I am very glad that you all like it :)