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Ducky's Honor

    Title: Ducky's Honor
    Size: 12" x 12"
    Medium: Graphite
    Artist: Tannis Trydal

    With this artwork, I aimed to capture the innocence of a child. This is my granddaughter, Caryse and her trusted friend, Ducky. Ducky has had the honor of being her protector from infancy, and Caryse has formed a very strong bond of love with him. He is well loved and is holding on by a thread "literally". Recently, I asked Caryse what she will do without Ducky, and the look of disbelief was so heartbreaking! She is unable to fathom the day that Ducky is no longer by her side to watch over her! That will be a sad day, the first time my little girl will experience "loss", but for now, it is Ducky's honor to keep her safe.

    This is a beautiful drawing Tannis..and a beautiful girl!!
    Ya know....now that I'm learning more and more about shading, this picture gives me a whole new level of respect for your talent! Perhaps I'll change my mind at some point, but my goodness, I don't think I could have the patience to create such an amazing and detailed image!! WOW!!
    Gorgeous work! Great attention to detail, I wish you all the best in the competition Tannis, thankyou for entering.
    This my most favorite piece of all your work.!Good luck Tannis!