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Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny For Your Thoughts

This was a pic on my phones wallpapers I fell in love with it and had to sketch it.

    Cindy Wider
    Jul 25 2012 01:06 AM
    HI Mel, you are doing great. As you patiently work through the unit one draw course you will learn some fundamental principles that will help you improve your drawings even more. I can see that you have a good eye and the main thing you need to do is slow down your eye, mind and hand coordination a little bit more. The first exercise in your course will help you to begin on that journey to slow down and really assess the small details. its all about using the 'artist's language' as described in week one unit one.

    In unit three you will learn more about tonal values which I can see you also need some development with here. We we recomend everyone completes unit 3 after unit one, we go back and do unit 2 after unit 5 (to keep all the graphite course sections together.)

    Mel, if you work through your course, all the answers will come to you and your work will grow in leaps in bounds. Students are invited to only post positive comments on your work, your instructor is allowed to give you critiques only on your course works. But we always love seeing art that is created outside of the course and these images are going to look great in your portfolio for next years online art competition here at Drawpj.com. Keep up the fantastic effort Mel and all the best in your course exercises. cheers! Cindy