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pauline freed's albums

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  • Calla Lily
    Calla Lily
    Beautifully done, congratulations! :)
  • Sikanni River, BC. CA
    Sikanni River, BC. CA
    Gorgeous colors, Pauline, and a wonderful scene. I love the reflection in the water and the way you did the leaves on the tree at the left side. I love the distance you achieved with the backgrou...
  • Weathered Tubs
    Weathered Tubs
    I really like this!All the best Pauline!
  • The Web
    The Web
    Very intricate work...agree with u Tanya...must have taken a lot of patience and time to do this!All the best
  • Inukshuk
    Fabulous! This reminds me of my days in Alaska. Good luck!