Benjamin Aeilkema

Certified Digital Media Instructor

Location: Netherlands

About Benjamin

“Hi everyone, I’m Benjamin from the Netherlands. I live with my family in a town in the east of the country.

As a teenager I always had a passion for drawing, however, I had to wait until more recent times as an adult when I could embrace it fully. I started first with watercolor painting and inking and then later fell in love with the digital art medium.

As I followed my dream to be become an accomplished artist I discovered Cindy Wider and the excellent curriculum at As I studied Cindy’s methods and techniques my drawing skills really improved, so I decided to study further with Cindy to become a certified DrawPj instructor (and DrawPj’s first digital media instructor).

Being able to work both traditionally as well as digitally gives me the great opportunity to combine the best of two worlds. The showcased house illustrations are part of an ongoing book project on local housing.

I really enjoy painting wildlife and landscapes, but also love creating art with a deeper meaning, honoring the Most Creative One of all. Besides selling paintings and creating commissioned artworks, my current area of interest is illustration as I work towards illustrating a children’s book.

Being a certified DrawPj instructor adds a new chapter to my journey in art. I’m excited about being able to help others to find the same pleasure in creating art as I have.”

Selected Artworks

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