Brigitte Back

Certified On-line Instructor

 Mt Tamborine, South East Queensland, Australia

About Brigitte

“I was born in Zambia, Luanshya 1960. After living in several countries and then getting married in South Africa, I travelled around the world with my husband and three young sons on board our yacht (Slithermoon) for five years. We visited many interesting countries, socialising with people from different cultures and educated our sons as we explored.

I have always loved art and experience a deep connection with the ocean and wind movements when I paint in a combination of my hard edge semi-abstract style with expressionistic techniques. I also enjoy drawing in realism using graphite pencil on paper. My subject matter often includes water-sports that my husband and sons participate in and through painting my family I feel a deep sense of motherly pride.

My professional art training began in 2007 until 2010 as I studied under the mentorship of Noosa-based artist and author Cindy Wider (who has since moved to live and work in the United Kingdom.) Cindy selected me as one of her leading art students (chosen from hundreds of others studying with her from around the world) to become one of her three ‘Certified Art Instructors.’ Since 2010 I have had the privilege of sharing her CPD Accredited art course online at with people of all ages from many countries around the world.

I was recently invited by Cindy Wider to exhibit alongside her in a joint exhibition at the prestigious TYTO Regional Gallery in Ingham March 2016. Our exhibition depicted the contrasting lifestyles that we currently live.”


Brigitte has been an incredible instructor to work with during my DrawPj experience. I came to DrawPj with very little knowledge of how to draw, but I had the desire to learn and grow in new skills.

It has been a wonderful experience to have an instructor who has provided guidance, encouragement, and honest and thoughtful critique of my work along the way.

Brigitte gives a helpful balance of creative, constructive criticism all while cheering you on. When I had a difficult circumstance come up in my family as well as with my health, she was so understanding and kind. Working with Brigitte has been a joy, and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Heather Bohannon - Usa

I am pleased that this course is so well designed; content broken into workable lessons with specific guidance, each lesson building on the prior one, and many examples for how the work should look.

I am even more pleased about the specific feedback I get from Brigitte, my instructor. She notes what I have done well and what I should improve on, plus makes recommendations for how to achieve the desired results.  She reinforces the lesson content and encourages me to do better.  That is a tricky accomplishment to be simultaneously candid and supportive and I value her feedback and suggestions.  I am convinced that this is where the "learning" occurs.

Marilyn Martin - USA

I have always had the desire to learn to draw. Over the years as time permitted I would obtain various books on drawing, delve into them and attempt some of the exercises.

As it turned out I ended up doing more reading than drawing, and made very little progress. Consequently my motivation receded into the background, and I moved on to other activities. After some time my motivation would rise to the surface and I would repeat the process only to suffer the same result.

After retirement I decided to give it another shot, but I realized I would have to take a different approach to achieve a successful outcome. Fortunately I came across

It was just what I needed. Clear, detailed instruction, pertinent assignments that reinforced the principles being taught, and challenging yet doable projects geared to the level at which one was functioning.

Along with this came helpful feedback from an accomplished artist who is not only knowledgeable, talented, and perceptive, but also encouraging and supportive. She has been available and responsive in answering questions, and her comments have been timely and to the point. This go-around I am making progress and getting somewhere.

Thanks for caring Brigitte!

David Warrington - Texas USA


  • 2016 – “Contrasting Lives” – TYTO Regional Gallery, Ingham, North Queensland, Australia

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2015 – Macgregor Lions Garden City Art Extravaganza Brisbane
  • 2015 – Immanuel Arts Festival Buderim
  • 2013 – Flying Arts Alliance/ Queensland Regional Art Awards online exhibition – Living Change
  • 2012 – Flying Arts Alliance / Queensland Regional Art Awards online exhibition – Essential Character of Queensland
  • 2012 – Immanuel Arts Festival Buderim
  • 2009 – StuartCindy Art Annual Art Exhibition South Pacific Resort Noosaville
  • 2008 – StuartCindy Art Annual Art Exhibition Cooroy Butterfactory Cooroy


  • 2008 – First Prize in Portraiture at the Annual StuartCindy Art Exhibition


  • Tamarind Magazine – Issue #6 – “Draw Your Way to a Brighter Future”.

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