Featured Student Course Artworks

Commissioned Artwork by Catherine Melchers

‘The March Commissioned Artwork by Catherine Melchers Size 30″x10″ Medium: Acrylic We are so proud of one of Tannis Trydal’s mentored students; Catherine Melchers. Catherine has been studying with our Drawpj Instructor Tannis Trydal in the mentored level area for a short time and already creating a high standard of artwork. Its incredible how quickly […]

‘Old Hayshed’ by Ed Evans

Wow! I just had to share this gorgeous ‘Old Hayshed’ Landscape drawing with you all today because one of Brigitte Back’s students; Ed Evans has really created a great rendition of this exercise. Well done Ed! I was so impressed with Ed’s ability to develop those wonderful dark tones in the shadows within the barn, […]

‘Kettle’ by Gloria Bardell

Well done and congratulations to Gloria Bardell on completing her silver kettle from her unit three course. This is outstanding work here because Gloria has successfully positioned the five major areas of light and shade; the full light areas, shadow edges, half tones, reflected light and cast shadows. She has created fabulous gradations, soft edges […]

‘Kettle’ by Goran Gudichsen

Another amazing student artwork has been submitted to me for critique and I just had to ask Goran Gudichsen if I could share this gorgeous version of our kettle with you all. With his permission I have attached it here. I particular like the way Goran has blended his kettle at the same time maintained […]

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