Pro Artist Tips

The Pro Artist section of is here help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be, and then to discover the absolute pleasure of finding people who love what you do and are willing to pay you in return for sharing your knowledge, skill, imagination and creations. Whether you are just starting out by learning how to draw and paint or even if you are a seasoned pro, there’s something here for you.

10 good reasons why artists should get real jobs

Readers please note: This post was originally published on another of my blog sites ‘CreativityPro’ and the reaction over there was a mixture of hilarity (by those who have really read and understood the post) and anger from those who didn’t really read the post properly, or understand inversely motivational humour it contains. Now that […]

Is your Art any good?

I’m a positive thinker, and I really don’t like to burst anyone’s bubble, but even us creative types have to come out of our cosy self-created wonderland sometimes and ask the question “Is my art any good”. Yes we’ve all watched Idol on TV, laughing and cringing as worryingly deluded people step up convinced that […]

Where to hold your First Solo Exhibition

The dream of many aspiring art superstars is to hold an exhibition in a commercial gallery, imagining that the Gallery will take care of everything, instantly sell your artwork to their large client base and make you a H-U-G-E success, however, for many beginners and independent minded artists, holding your own exhibition in a space […]

Who is the Audience for Your Art?

If you are going to sell your art it would be useful to know who your art is really for. That way you can concentrate you marketing and promotions efforts on the people most likely to buy it. Is your art for the locals in your town? art collectors? industry bigwigs? home decorators? cat owners? […]

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