Membership Options with One-to-One Mentoring

Course Features Explained


One-to-One Feedback

Mentor feedback is provided via email. You may ask your mentor questions about your course at any stage.


Signed Completion Certificate

Upon completion of the course you will receive a personally signed certificate of completion from course author Cindy Wider.

Recorded Video Critiques

Feedback is provided via recorded video critique wherever appropriate. Critique videos are downloadable so you can watch them at any time. 

Private Facebook Group

Join our friendly and supportive Facebook group to share your drawings and connect with fellow students

Lifetime Access

You will have non-expiring access to all your course resources. You can access your course at any time.

Personal Art Coaching

Ideal for beginners who wish to work towards very specific goals or projects such as children’s picture books or creating a body of work for an exhibition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any drawing experience to enroll?

This is for complete beginners and anyone who feels they need fundamental drawing skills. No experience necessary. 

What ages is this suitable for?

This is suitable for adults no matter what age you are. It’s never too late to learn to draw. 

How long does the course take to complete?

If you study for 2 hours per week most students would take approximately 12 months to complete the entire course.

What kind of feedback can I expect?

Once you email your work to your Mentor, you will then receive either video or written feedback (depending on what is most appropriate method at the time) to let you know where you have done well and exactly how you can improve.

What if I get stuck or have a problem?

Yes, you can ask your Mentor for advice at any time during the course. Response is generally within 24 hours on weekdays.

Are there any deadlines for submitting assignments?

There are no deadlines. You can study entirely at your own pace, however, when scheduling your time please take into consideration feedback is provided only on weekdays. Allow at least 2-3 working days to receive your feedback.

Which drawings should I send to my Mentor?

You only send the exercises and projects that are core to the curriculum, as shown on the Study Blocks page.

We’ve filled the course with lots of goodies which are indicated as EXTRA or BONUS items. These are for fun practice. Feedback for EXTRA or BONUS items is only provided if your Mentor specifically requests it (for example if your Mentor thinks you need a little more practice to master a skill).

What art supplies do I need?

To get started right away with the first part of the course all you need is: a pencil, sharpener, paper or sketchpad, Plastic eraser.

A computer printer is also useful if you want to print project booklets.

As you move through the course you will need to add more items to your supplies. For a shopping list see Recommended Art Supplies.

Will my work be graded?

Grading is optional. The grading system is very simple:

A Pass will be awarded when your DrawPj Mentor has determined that your work has reached the appropriate standard. Your Mentor will work closely with you to ensure you can achieve a pass for each section. 

If you choose not to have your work graded please let your Mentor know.


How do I earn a certificate?

Along the way you’ll receive printable certificates of completion for each of the six major sections, as you earn your pass.

When you’ve earned your six passes then your final certificate of completion (for the full course) will be awarded.

Your printed and hand-signed certificate will be posted to you along with a personal note from the course author Cindy Wider.

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