Unit 1: Outline Drawing

Drawing in outline is one of the most important foundation skills in art

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This unit is the first in a series of six which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Outline Drawing is one of the most important foundation skills in drawing and art. You will discover many professional drawing methods and techniques to help you rapidly develop a high standard of drawing in outline. Along the way you will also be refining your ability to compare angles, lines and curves to a horizontal or vertical line.

  • To set the scene for your success we show you how to prepare your area for regular and committed drawing practice.
  • Next we dive straight in to begin training your eye-mind-hand coordination with some deceptively simple looking but challenging exercises.
  • You will rapidly develop a high standard of outline drawing skills as you learn to use several valuable methods and techniques that professionals use.
  • The final two weeks of this unit culminate in a challenging and rewarding drawing project to further strengthen your newly acquired outline drawing skills.


Week One: Getting Comfortable

  • Create a Pre-instruction drawing (so you can measure your progress as you work through the course)
  • What pencil to use for drawing
  • A special way to hold your pencil for sketching
  • Using the wrist motion for sketching curves and shoulder motion for sketching straight lines

Week Two: Six Pencil Techniques

  • Learn six different pencil techniques
    1. Shading
    2. Broad Strokes
    3. Chisel Point
    4. Fine Lines
    5. Hatching
    6. Cross-Hatching
  • Getting to know your erasers
  • Learn to draw with your hard plastic eraser
  • Learn to draw with your kneadable eraser
  • Optional: Prepare and use and electric eraser

Week Three: Your First Project – ‘The Old Hay Shed’

  • Transfer the Old Hay Shed outline onto your drawing paper using graphite transfer techniques
  • Fill in the drawing using the six pencil techniques

Week Four: Scribble Drawing, Construction Drawing and Basic Shapes

  • Scribble gesture drawing
  • Construction Drawing
  • The Four Basic Shapes
  • How to see shapes within objects
  • ‘I spy shapes’ game
  • Variations of the four basic shapes
  • How to draw objects using the construction drawing method
  • Sketching lines and halving them
  • Sketching the four basic shapes
  • Sketching basic shapes variations
  • The almighty ellipse

Week Five: Construction Drawing Methods

  • Construction drawing using the Pencil measuring technique
  • Construction drawing from a photograph
  • Construction drawing using a ruler
  • Drawing the simple solids, cube, sphere, cylinder and cone
  • Construction drawing of the human figure
  • Construction drawing using ‘accents’

Weeks Six and Seven: Final Unit Assessment Project

  • Introduction to the Grid Method
  • Choose a grid method artwork project from a selection with varying degrees of difficulty

How do I purchase and study this Unit?

  • This unit can be purchased as part of the Complete Drawing Certificate Course and studied with full Instructor support via email correspondence and recorded video screencast.
  • Unit course books and HD videos are also available without instructor support as a self-teach package.

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