Unit 3: Portraiture Foundations

Realistic portraiture is seen by many artists as one of the ultimate skills and challenges

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This course is the third in a series of six units which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Realistic portraiture is seen by many artists as one of the ultimate skills and challenges. Portraiture also provides us with an excellent opportunity to further refine our studies of light and shade.

In this unit you will develop the skills required to create a realistic portrait and some amazing textures for a huge variety of subject matter using Graphite pencil, Charcoal and white Conte.

  • You will discover the proportions on the face and how to develop a portrait starting from one single vertical and horizontal line
  • You will study the individual facial features, how to draw a child’s face in graphite pencil and how to draw hair
  • Discover the incredibly intuitive and sensual medium of charcoal as you further develop your understanding of tone
  • Learn twelve different charcoal techniques
  • Draw three different hairstyles including; male short wavy hair, female long wavy hair and female medium curly hair
  • In the final two weeks of the course you will create your own portrait


Week One: An Introduction to Portraiture

  • Introduction to portraiture
  • Shading individual features of the face in graphite pencil

Week Two: The Human Adult Face

  • Learn the sighting technique to help you measure proportions when drawing objects close up from life
  • Proportion and placement of the individual features of the Adult face
  • Take a photograph for your portrait project using the instructions provided

Week Three: Produce a Portrait

  • Draw a portrait of a three year old child ‘Isha’ in graphite pencil

Week Four: (Part A) Charcoal

  • Introduction to charcoal
  • Learn twelve charcoal techniques allowing you to create hundreds of textures
  • Learn to draw hair with a variety of different hairstyles presented, using charcoal and white conte on grey paper

Week Five: (Part B) Drawing Hair

  • Draw a variety of objects using charcoal with white conte on grey Mi-Teintes paper using the construction drawing method

Weeks Six and Seven: Final Project

  • Begin your project: A self-portrait or portrait of someone you know and see often
  • Your portrait will be drawn on the smooth side of grey Mi-Teintes paper using charcoal and white conte

How do I purchase and study this Unit?

  • This unit can be purchased as part of the Complete Drawing Certificate Course and studied with full Instructor support via email correspondence and recorded video screencast.
  • Unit course books and HD videos are also available without instructor support as a self-teach package.

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