Unit 4: Perspective and Proportion

Perspective can help your create things from your imagination while achieving correct proportions

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This course is the fourth in a series of six units which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Understanding Perspective is exciting and fun with our unique colour-coded method. You will soon discover that it’s easy to create a huge variety of drawings from your imagination using these rules of perspective and methods for achieving correct proportions.

  • Learn the basics quickly and easily with our unique colour-coded step-by-step process.
  • In this unit you will learn how to draw from your imagination using the rules of one and two-point perspective.
  • We start with some basic shapes in perspective and then progress step-by-step to more complex perspective objects.
  • You’ll learn how to use ‘the sighting technique’ to apply proportion to drawings from life.
  • In the final two weeks of the course you will create a beautiful drawing of a building in three-point perspective.


Week One: Introduction to Perspective

  • Introduction to Perspective
  • Practice one-point Linear Perspective through drawing various objects using a step-by-step procedure
  • Use Freehand Perspective to draw wooden floor boards in a fun exercise
  • Complete a simple interior with floor tiles using one-point perspective

Week Two: Drawing in Perspective

  • Learn to draw a basic rectangular shape from both interior and exterior view in one-point perspective
  • Draw a book case and then a fence using freehand perspective in one-point perspective to learn the rules of dividing and spacing objects as they recede into the picture plane
  • Learn to draw an accurate ellipse in perspective

Week Three: Two Point Perspective

  • Progress from one point perspective into basic two and three-point perspective by drawing a simple house from an exterior view
  • Draw an open door and steps to further expand your knowledge of basic perspective

Week Four: Sighting Technique

  • Learn how to use the sighting technique to help you measure proportions of objects that are at a distance away from you
  • Draw simple objects from life using the sighting method

Week Five: Practice Drawing in Perspective

  • Draw an imaginary interior room in one point perspective using a basic template then decorate it with simple objects of your choice using either one or two point perspective

Weeks Six and Seven: Final Project

  • Begin your project: An exterior drawing in graphite pencil of a building in three-point perspective. You will be using the rules of perspective in combination with the grid method. Once you have drawn the image you will then be given the option to apply a variety of textures to shade this drawing.

How do I purchase and study this Unit?

  • This unit can be purchased as part of the Complete Drawing Certificate Course and studied with full Instructor support via email correspondence and recorded video screencast.
  • Unit course books and HD videos are also available without instructor support as a self-teach package.

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