Unit 5: Coloured Pencil Techniques and Colour Theory

Experience the freedom to be able to mix colour properly, lay colour pencil onto paper in the correct way and have a toolbox of techniques to get your desired effect

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This course is the fifth in a series of six units which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Every artist needs the freedom to be able to mix colour properly, lay colour pencil onto paper in the correct way and have a toolbox of techniques to get the desired effects.

  • During this unit you will discover the secrets to drawing and getting great looking results with coloured pencil.


Week One: Twelve Colour Pencil Techniques

  • Getting to know your colour pencils; the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Introduction to the traditional colour wheel
  • Learn to read the traditional colour wheel
  • Learn how to use light, medium or heavy pressure along with either a sharp or dull tip to create textured and non-textured areas of tone
  • Learn to draw twelve popular coloured pencil strokes

Week Two: Six Popular Colour Schemes

  • Using your new skills, you will produce a colour swatch using the twelve hues of the colour wheel plus earth hues and neutrals
  • Learn six popular colour schemes
  • Select one of the colour schemes and colour in the abstract drawing provided

Week Three: Learn to See Colour as Tone

  • Learn to see colour as tone
  • Create a Colour Temperature Scale then a coloured pencil drawing of a sphere to help you understand how to create the illusion of depth, space and form through the use of tone, hue and the temperature of colour

Week Four: ‘Apple Glorious Apple!’ Drawing

  • Continue to learn how to use the properties of colour, Hue, Chroma and Value to depict form
  • Learn how to layer and juxtapose colours to create various textures and from while drawing a realistic drawing of an apple

Week Five: Draw a Gorgeous Flower with Burnishing

  • Realistic drawing to practice many of the skills you have learned in this course so far. You will be taken step by step from the very first outline drawing through the final layers of fine details.

Week Six to Seven: Final Project – Luscious Strawberry

  • Match your colours – Do your best to mix and match your colours similar to the reference photo provided in your notes. Suggested colours will be provided for you as ideas
  • Use layering, partial layering and juxtaposing along with the five major areas of light and shade to create the realistic drawing ‘Luscious Strawberry’
  • Use tiny amounts of acrylic paint to create highlights or reflected light areas

How do I purchase and study this Unit?

  • This unit can be purchased as part of the Complete Drawing Certificate Course and studied with full Instructor support via email correspondence and recorded video screencast.
  • Unit course books and HD videos are also available without instructor support as a self-teach package.

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