Unit 6: Compose Original Art

Learn where, why and how to position all the different elements on your artwork

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This course is the final unit in a series of six units which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Composition is the final area of study which brings all other artistic elements together. As an Artist you must thoroughly understand composition to create completely original artworks which are pleasing for the viewer.

  • You will learn where, why and how to position all the different elements on your page.
  • You will discover the three major stages that can be used to help you bring a simple thought or idea into a completed artwork.
  • This enables you to create original art that you might either consider exhibiting into competitions, selling or decorating your own home with.


Week One: Heart and Soul Stage

  • An introduction to the study of Composition and the three major processes used in this unique course, to compose original art
  • An example of the artistic and emotional process involved in creating an original artwork from just a simple thought
  • Stage One: The Heart and Soul Stage: learning to include your little sketch book in your whole life. This little book which needs to be used long before you show up at the table to create your final artwork
  • Learn where original ideas can come from and explore ideas for possible drawings and paintings through writing
  • Create Thumbnail Sketches to help you bring your subconscious thoughts into the conscious by learning to use loose simple sketches

Week Two: Planning Stage

  • Stage Two: The Planning stage; how to take an idea into a finished artwork by using the rules of composition combined with onsite sketching and other reference materials
  • Ten aspects of composition to consider which can help you to create successful and balanced compositions every time
  • Draw a series of rough visuals (thumbnail sketches) using the rules of composition and several different compositional structures presented

Week Three: Thumbnail Sketch

  • Prepare your own reference library or ‘Treasure Chest’ to trigger your creativity
  • This could contain magazine clippings, holiday photographs, material samples,various objects and memorabilia gathered from opportunity shops, outings or from your everyday life experiences
  • Compose a small original drawing as a rough-visual ready to paint in week five

Week Four: Draw a Stylised Artwork

  • Make any necessary changes to your composition from week three by refining your drawing and then transfer the image to your quality paper
  • Six popular colour schemes; a refresher course from unit five
  • Learn about three different art styles and research online or in art books to discover artists (either modern day or the great masters) who are using these painting and coloured pencil art styles. Choose from one of the three different drawings to experience creating an art style.

Week Five: Complete Your Practice Project

  • Select a colour scheme and one of the art styles you researched in week four to draw your image that was created in week two; or design a new image to suit your preferred art style

Weeks Six and Seven: Final Project – Your Original Artwork

  • Produce an original artwork of your choice within the themes of either still life, landscape or an interior. The medium will be coloured pencil on paper. You may select an art style from the selection of drawing styles researched in week four or one of your own. You must fulfil as much of the grading criteria as possible

How do I purchase and study this Unit?

  • This unit can be purchased as part of the Complete Drawing Certificate Course and studied with full Instructor support via email correspondence and recorded video screencast.
  • Unit course books and HD videos are also available without instructor support as a self-teach package.

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