Kairi Foster Group Leader Cindys Drawing Club

Cindys Drawing Club is excited to Welcome our Group Leader Kairi Foster who is organizing for her club members to gather in the areas of Spring Hill, Orlando and Tampa Florida.

Kairi is such a ray of sunshine and a blessing to all of those who have the pleasure of meeting her. She’s dedicated to sharing her love of drawing with as many others as she possibly can, and now through becoming a licensed and certified ‘Cindy’s Drawing Club’ Group Leader she is doing just that!

About Kairi’s Illustrations

Kairi has her own unique whimsical and illustrative style developing as you can see in this adorable image below titled ‘Flutter.’ What more could we want than to see beautiful fun art that puts a smile on our faces and brings happiness and love into the world.

Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: Flutter Medium: Coloured Pencil

Kairi’s work is infused with joy and imagination as you can see in her choice of objects that she chose to create in a still life set up of various objects gathered from around her home, in the image titled ‘Woodland Gathering’ below.

Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: Woodland Gathering Medium: Charcoal

Realism Drawings

Over the past few years Kairi has been carefully mentored through the ‘Complete Online Drawing Course’ at DrawPj.com studying with me as her one-to-one mentor to learn the basic fundamental principles of drawing. As you can see from the images below she is also a highly competent realism artist at the foundation.

Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: Self-portrait Medium: Black and White Charcoal

This stunning shoe was created by Kairi during her studies in the course at DrawPj.com where Kairi showed tremendous natural ability very early on.

Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: A Shoe Well-travelled Medium: Graphite

These stunning realism coloured pencil drawings were also created by Kairi during her studies, showing a deep understanding of colour temperature and form. She has excelled in every area of study with this course.

Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: Juicy Strawberry Medium: Coloured Pencil


Artist/Illustrator: Kairi Foster Title: Glowing Daisy Medium: Coloured Pencil

I have every confidence that Kairi will continue to shine and be a leading light of inspiration and encouragement for all of those who choose to join her in her wonderful, exciting and joyful group meetups at Cindy’s Drawing Club events.

Kairi’s contact details:

For more information on class times and dates please contact Kairi, she’ll be only too happy to hear from you. Her groups are held in real-world settings or through zoom groups online in the case that any Covid restrictions are in place.

Phone: (352) 484-4429

Email: kairi@kairifoster.com

Website: KairiFoster.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kairifoster