Ingrid Van-Gorkom in her studio

Ingrid van Gorkom at work in her art studio

Ingrid van Gorkom has a unique way of captivating her audience through sharing fleeting moments in time that lure us into the image, inviting us to linger for just that little bit longer. When we view her work we’re immediately transported into another time and place. Back into our memories perhaps, of a time when we once enjoyed living in the moment. Her works evoke an eerie sense of silence. Peace. A calm anticipation of what is about to come, as we go forward not really knowing, but yet with faith that all is well. Ingrid’s artworks are deeply moving, beautiful and sincere images that uplift the soul.

Ingrid is a graduate from the DrawPj mentoring level one program and is now working in my mentored level two program. As her mentor, I support, advise and encourage her towards becoming a professional artist. In this interview Ingrid shares some moving and personal information about her life journey with art so far, and how art currently affects her life. She explains how she once lacked self-worth, self-confidence, and knowledge about drawing and she only returned to study art with my course at 57 years of age. Now she is obviously becoming more confident as she steps out into this big wide world of daring to share her work with others. I am so proud of Ingrid and chose to share her work and interview with you here, to celebrate the success of yet another amazing person reaching deep within herself to finally claim her own natural gift for drawing. At last!

It’s never too late for any of us, to finally embrace our love of drawing once and for all!

Interview with Ingrid van Gorkom by Cindy Wider


Village Watermill by Ingrid Van-gorkom in graphite

“Village Watermill” by Ingrid van Gorkom Graphite on 300gsm medium rough aquarelle paper 49. 8cm x 39.2 cm  Description: “This picture reminds me of the energetic possibilities of (clean)water. Clean energy for movement in life, for the human body as well as for electrical equipment.”

Q: Ingrid where were you born and where do you live now?

A: I was born in a small town near Johannesburg In South Africa. My parents were both Dutch, and when I was three years old we moved back to Holland. Since 2009 I have lived in the center of France, the countryside in a very small village.

Landscape drawing The brightest light on a grey day by Ingrid Van-Gorkom

“The brightest light on a grey day” by Ingrid van Gorkom Graphite on 300gsm medium rough aquarelle paper 51cm x 42cm Description: “This picture reminds me that, no matter what the circumstances are, there is always beauty, light, and air all around us.” This an award-winning artwork in the Light Space and Time ’10th Annual Landscapes’ Exhibition 2020

Q: How long have you been creating art for?

A: For me, I never felt I was creating art as such. It was more like just drawing. I was never consciously creating I guess. I was more focused on trying to have my hand make what my eyes saw, mostly from another flat piece of paper. Which was never easy or beautiful. It was just training or to empty my mind, whenever I could get past some prominent blocks before starting in the first place.

I remember drawing more deeply when I was feeling lonely in my study time. It took my mind off my emotions. As far as I know, there was no real and intended expression. I didn’t know how to do that – to consciously express myself through my art, to be honest. And there where so many demands on my life that I never got to the point of thinking about my drawings as art; for creating a drawing or painting to actually hang on a wall.

I had a desire for art somewhere along the way in my life because sooner or later, I always returned to drawing. At some stages over a 30 year period of time, I took some painting lessons – when I was able to; with very little drawings /paintings as a result.

Ingrid Van-Gorkom coloured pencil drawing of her cat

“Semmy” by Ingrid van Gorkom Colored pencil on  Mi-tientes paper 32cmx18cm Description: “This is my lovely cat she is precious to me.  She gives me an inner smile.”

Q: Were you encouraged to create art as a child?

A: No I wasn’t. I was encouraged to study, but not for artistic development – that was considered to be subordinate and of no importance. So I don’t have any drawings from my childhood as a result.

However, I have a memory of the primary school burning down and as alternative lessons, we went on a visit to a cinema – to see a film. The film was an emotional story about a pelican. After seeing the film we got an assignment to draw something inspired by that movie. So I made a drawing of the pelican on its nest.

My teacher was very enthusiastic about my drawing. She told me that I was very good at drawing. I remember it as if it took place yesterday. Not the film, but what this teacher had said to me about my drawing abilities. It never left me, although I didn’t really believe it. I didn’t believe in my own abilities and I was influenced by the generally accepted ideas of my family and of the society, I grew up in; that art wasn’t important or valued.

“My working area” by Ingrid van Gorkom Acrylic on canvas on board 50 x 40 cm

Q: Have you ever studied art at an art school for example?

A: No I didn’t go to art school, in my mind it didn’t exist for me. I think I suffered from lack of self-worth, self-confidence and knowledge. I was 57 when I first took some painting lessons and then after a while I studied the beginner level with my wonderful instructor at DrawPj Tannis Trydal.

“Fun” by Ingrid van Gorkom Acrylics on 300gsm cardboard 37.5 X 29.5cm Description:  “I feel space, joy, pleasure, freedom, playfulness”

Q: What made you realise that you wanted to start drawing and painting more often?

A: Now I think about it all I can see I always turned back to drawing or painting when everything else failed in my life, strangely. But without the intention to create, more so it was about a hidden intention to slow down and get myself together and or stop the emotional chaos in my head and feelings. At least that is what I realise now.

“Reflections on Necessities in (my) Life” by Ingrid van Gorkom Colored pencils on 300gsm aquarelle paper medium rough 21 x 30cm Description: “Reflecting on a simple life, not taking more than needed, makes me feel joyful, healthy and free.”

Q: What is your favourite subject to draw and why?

A: I have no favorite subjects but everything I create is inspired by the effects and play of light and-or contrast combined with an emotional response to the subject. I am inspired to create atmospheres with mood that I can relay to my viewer through the play of light on various subjects.

”La France” by Ingrid van Gorkom Acrylics on 300 gsm cardboard 50 x 42.5cm  Description: “This image reminds me of the contrasts in French society. Power/no power, new/old, good taste/bad taste, rich/poor, along with the falling into disrepair. The other side we see is the so-called romantic atmosphere, is this reality?”

Old building beyond repair by Ingrid van Gorkom

“Beyond repair” by Ingrid van Gorkom created in Charcoal on 300gsm Canson Fontenay paper at 54 x 71.5 cm

structure inside an old shed

Artwork titled ” Structure” created by Ingrid Van Gorkom in pastels on Hahnemuhler Ingres paper at Size:42cmx53cm

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“Spacious afternoon break” by Ingrid van Gorkom Acrylics on 300gsm cardboard 54 x 35.5cm Description: “This image makes me feel the peace and quiet and to have hope in a future filled with colorful possibilities.”