Mofuoa Mofuoa

Instructor in training


About Mofuoa

My name is Mofuoa Mofuoa from the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

I am an economist. However, I always aspired to learn how to draw realistically. For several years, I was distressed and discouraged because there were no art schools in Lesotho. Until recently, the government also did not provide scholarships for students to study creative arts (including fine arts) in neighbouring South Africa where many students from different countries in Africa receive quality education.

After studying economics at university it was still difficult to give up my passion for drawing. Fortunately, the evolution of technology and increasing access to internet made the prospect of studying art possible after many years of struggle and hopelessness.

In 2013, I seriously started searching for online courses when I discovered the Drawpj’s Complete Online Drawing Certificate Course. It was a breakthrough and since then I never looked back. In March 2015, I registered for the Complete Online Drawing Certificate course.

I consider myself very lucky because Cindy Wider, the Co-founder, offered to mentor me herself and she has been extremely supportive. I have made remarkable progress and my drawing skills improved in leaps and bounds. Cindy took notice and invited me to join the instructor training where we receive mentoring to teach the course in a classroom environment. I am willing to share my knowledge with anyone who aspires to become artist or simply wants to learn how to draw for other purposes.

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