Stephanie Matard

French Translator

 Normandy, France

About Stephanie

“You could say I’m passionate about art and culture. I always have that little voice pushing me in the direction of art, but I wanted to improve my skills and confidence. I wasn’t able to go to a traditional school or drawing course and that’s when I discovered the Cindy Wider Method. I’m now proud to be studying under Cindy Wider and I’m an official cheerleader for Cindy’s method. The skills and techniques that are taught help the logical and creative parts of our mind work together and Cindy’s years of experience teaching really shine through and assist throughout the learning process.

I’m passionate about art and self-expression and am excited to be a part of the translation team in order for this wonderful method to be open for the French speaking community.

I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and then went on to study Theater in San Diego. I then moved to France in 2010 and married the love of my life. I currently reside with my family in Normandy France.”

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