Unit 4: Perspective and Proportion

Perspective helps you to create original drawings from your imagination while achieving correct proportions.
Continue the journey with Sheila Russell Perry as she takes her first steps in perspective with very impressive results!

Unit 1 Outline Drawing

This course is the fourth in a series of six units which together form the Complete Drawing Certificate Course.

Perspective drawing can often be thought of as challenging for pencil artists, but using our simple colour-coding system makes it fun and a breeze to learn. One thing is for sure; once you have the basic principles mastered then this vital skill will free you up to create that amazing three-dimensional illusion with perfect proportions.

Starting with simple scenes in perspective

In Unit 4: Perspective and Proportion you’ll see how DrawPj student Sheila Russell Perry starts out with some simple scenes while learning basic rules of perspective. Then she methodically develops her skills until she can create more complex objects. The lessons culminate in the creation of a lovely English cottage style house.

Making the complex simple

Sheila is supported in this Unit by her instructor Tannis Trydal. While perspective may have been a subject you avoided in the past, you can see here that by following the lessons closely and with the help of her instructor Sheila was able to achieve wonderfully impressive results.

The perspective drawing lessons begin…

Assignment Unit 4: Week 1
– Draw a simple interior
– Draw wooden floorboards


Hi Tannis! I sure do miss my summer freedom! Here’s my first assignment for Unit 4. Have a good weekend!

Pencil drawing of a boardwalk in perspective

Perspective pencil drawing of a room interior


Summer is so lovely and you are so fortunate to have the time off! I know that you make up for it the rest of the year though! Our kids went back to school on Thursday!

Your exercises are very good… I have a few suggestions to help you a bit more. Perspective takes a bit of practice but once you know the ‘rules’ you’ll gain confidence and even use it to draw from your imagination:)

Please see the video comment below.


Perspective  and Proportion Unit 4: Week 2
– A completed bookcase
– A completed fence drawn freehand
– Ellipse drawn in perspective – guidelines in place


Thanks for your feedback for last week’s exercise! I learn so much from the feedback and it’s so helpful. You give such good information of things I haven’t even considered. I’m glad you suggested that I redo the floor pattern. I don’t know what I did the first time but I can see that It was way off! I think I was paying too much attention to the scene in the window. I really enjoyed doing that!! Anyhoo, I did it again. Also here is the next exercise too. I’m a little intimidated for the final project of this unit! Yikes! Have a great week!

Perspective pencil drawing of a simple room interiorPerspective pencil drawing of a book case

Perspective drawing of a fence drawn in freehand pencil  Perspective pencil drawing of a circle


Hi Sheila… well done on a fabulous day of drawing! You’ve accomplished alot today!

With the redo of the tile floor, it’s PERFECT!!!

Save & Exit Bookcase- Perfect!!! I am so impressed with how well you are drawing all of the lines:) When drawing in 1pt… all of the vertical and horizontal lines must be straight:) Beautiful!

Ellipse in perspective- Perfect!

Fence posts – I have a couple of suggestions for you. Please see the comment below
Keep going!


Unit 4: Week 3


Hi Tannis! I’m spending all day drawing! So here’s my next exercise. This was HARD!!! I will say this unit is not my favorite but it is interesting learning about perspective. It’s so technical and really out of my comfort zone. But it’s also gratifying to practice and understand how this works. I had to do each of these a few times to get it right. At least I hope I’m closer to to doing it right! I have to read through the directions several times to make sure I understand them. The color coding with the figure examples are excellent! It really helps to not get lost in all the lines.


Awesome work!!!! You’re really practicing well:) I am especially pleased with how straight you are drawing your horizontal and vertical lines!  The house is perfect! And I just have a few small suggestions for your door opening and steps. Great work!


Assignment Unit 4: Week 4 – Perspective drawing of a bucket


Hi Tannis! Another one done. This again was really hard. Anyway, This is my fourth version of the bucket. Thankfully I had a really simple bucket to use!

Perspective drawing of a bucket in pencil


Wow, Awesome work!  You’ve used the sighting technique beautifully to draw your pot, congratulations! The trick is to be sure to stand (or sit) in the same spot and to extend your arm each time you measure. Extend your arm the whole way and lock your elbow. From there it is just a combination of logic, estimating and using your artists eye … to gain proportions. It just takes a little bit of practice:)

The extra practice that you did really helped you 🙂 With your pot, the height to width proportions are excellent, and I’m very impressed with how well you’ve drawn your ellipses! Please have a peek at the attachment and the letters below for a few small suggestions…

A – It is hard to tell by looking at the photo but if you are looking at the pot at eye level, then this ellipse at the top would be too deep. When we are looking at the circle at almost eye level it would be very narrow. Try holding a coffee cup at eye level then slowly lower it to see how the ellipse changes.

B – Study the shapes in this corner a bit more… try to match them to the other side.

Excellent sketching, congratulations!!!

I am so excited to how you’ll use your new perspective knowledge to draw your room! Have fun with it!

Instructors critique of bucket drawn in perspective

Assignment Unit 4: Week 5 – Outline drawing of an interior room


Hi Tannis! Here is my room before I go and put it on nice drawing paper and color!!!! This was super duper hard for me to do. This is probably my 6th version of this room. I probably make it too difficult than it really is. Still not my cup of tea, but I’m hanging in there. I’m surprised this wasn’t the final for this unit. Anyway, I’d appreciate your comments on this before I officially finish this.

Outline drawing of an interior room in one point perspective


Hi Sheila this looks fantastic! This is an awesome room! I haven’t double checked all of the convergence lines but at a glance they look good. I just have a couple of things for you to consider…

If the back wall is 8ft tall then the furniture may be too small for the room. You can use a scaling stick by dividing the back wall into 8 – 1 ft sections then you can decide how tall your furniture will be… right now if your back wall is 8ft… then the sofa is only about 2 ft tall.Your furniture is in proportion if the walls are 10 ft tall. This is just something to keep in mind, there is no need to redo it:)

One other thing you can do… you’ve used 1 pt perspective to draw your room and all of the elements in it… just double check that your horizontal and vertical lines are all straight.
Excellent work… keep going!


Hi Tannis! Here is my colorfied room! It made me happy to color this!!!! I think with painting it I may have lost a little of the straightness of some of my straight lines. After I scanned it I noticed that some of the lines weren’t quite vertical. Of course I don’t see that until I scan it! Scanning it actually helps me to see the picture a little more objectively. I’ve noticed that before when I have scanned my projects to send you. But it’s so frustrating because because before I started to paint it I rechecked all of the vertical and horizontal lines. Ugh!!!! Anyway, this was a really hard exercise for me. This was a good challenge for me to do because this caused me to stretch out of my comfort zone. I know the final project is next. Yikes! Another challenge! Ok I can do this! I hope you have had a good week.

Outline drawing of an interior room in one point perspective - coloured


Hi Sheila, This is a very challenging exercise but you’ve met the challenge and did an awesome job! Ii love your room:) and just imagine… now you can draw whatever you want from your imagination using the rules of perspective that you’ve learned in this unit. Please see the video link for a few small suggestions. Have fun with your final project… its going to be awesome!


Final Project Unit 4: Weeks 6 and 7 – Little house in the english countryside


Hi Tannis! Well I worked all weekend on this final project because I wanted to get it done so I could start on the colored pencil unit!!!!! Actually I liked doing the final project. But I’m glad to be done with the perspective unit!!! Hurray! Now I’m off to bed!

Perspective drawing of an english house in the country


Hi Sheila, Congratulations on an awesome result! Your drawing of a house is excellent… seriously, I don’t give out this grade very often. You have earned it:) Please see the attached graded document and certificate of completion.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll accomplish in unit 5!

Extract from graded document

At the end of each instructor supported unit, the instructor grades the final project, provides a written critique and issues a certificate. Below is an extract from the graded document for Sheila’s perspective drawing of the ‘Little house in the english countryside’.


Congratulations on an outstanding drawing! Your house is mostly in perspective and all of the elements like the door, windows, roof tiles, etc are positioned beautifully. Well done on using 2 pt. perspective correctly; most of your convergence lines meet at the appropriate vanishing point on the horizon line, your vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon line and your lines meet squarely at the corners. The added details are fantastic! Now you can draw anything from your imagination with confidence using the rules of perspective that you’ve learned in this unit. This is a huge accomplishment, congratulations Sheila! I just have a few small suggestions to help you even more…

Instructor critique for drawing of english house in the country

A – The shapes in this area can be adjusted. Compare to the image in your notes.

B – This tile should extend out a bit more past the overhang.

C – These lines can be adjusted so that the area is in perspective. The convergence lines should meet up exactly at the RVP on the horizon line.

D – Rather than have the outside edge of this area over the door butt up against the window, try drawing it so that it overlaps the windows a little bit as shown. Using overlap will add depth to your drawing.

E – The angle of each side of this structure can be adjusted.

F – This width of this area on this side of the door can be adjusted. Compare to the image in your notes.

Congratulations again on an amazing result! I wish you all the best in unit 5… have fun exploring color!


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