Your Art Show

You don’t have to wait to be discovered by an art gallery!

Are you longing to stage your first ever art show?

Maybe you’d just love to make money selling your own art directly to your fans at an absolutely fabulous opening night.

Whatever the reason, this book “Your Art Show” will inspire and motivate you to think beyond traditional art venues.

In “Your Art Show!”, artist and author Stuart Wider reveals 30 awesome venue ideas for your very own exhibition.

This compact online book is absolutely brimming with invaluable hints, tips and peppered with humorous stories gained directly from the authors experience of staging more than 20 art exhibitions.

“Your Art Show!” will really get you thinking outside the traditional white box. Exactly the right place for your art debut to your adoring public is probably closer than you think!

Your art deserves to be discovered directly. Your very own opening night awaits!

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