12 Coloured Pencil Techniques  – The Book

Unlock the secrets to creating rich and vibrant pencil artworks

If you’ve ever wondered how professional coloured pencil artists can create artworks which are so rich, vibrant and with such painterly detail then wonder no more!

Cindy Wider guides you step-by-step through twelve invaluable coloured pencil techniques and indispensable colour theory so that you can get the results you are looking for.

These twelve coloured pencil techniques form a solid foundation for the projects which follow. Cindy walks you through every stage with incredible detail. 

Twelve Coloured Pencil Techniques will open up your eyes and your creativity to a whole new range of possibilities!

Here are some of the important fundamentals you’ll be learning:

  • Twelve fundamental coloured pencil techniques
  • How make your colours ‘sing’
  • How to see colour as tone
  • How to choose great colour schemes every time
  • How to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth and form
  • How to prepare your outline using construction drawing
  • How to transfer your outline drawing
  • The five major areas of highlight and shadow
  • How to ‘burnish’ for a gorgeous painterly glow

This book is based upon the coloured pencil section of Cindy Wider’s Complete Online Drawing Course.

12 Coloured Pencil Techniques is perfect for the absolute beginner to coloured pencil drawing.