DrawPj.com Student ‘Before and After’ Self Portraits

with Cindy Wider – Author of The Complete Online Drawing Course

When students first enroll in my Complete Online Drawing Course I ask them to create a self portrait, just doing the very best that they can at the time. Then, about half way through the course they create another self-portrait, this time using all the skills they have learnt.

As you can see the difference is amazing! (even for the students who start out hardly being able to draw at all)

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Pam Tickner

Wendy Burnie

Savannah Hostin

Amrita Sen

Stephanie Matard

Susan Tollefsen

Noah Nolywaika

Karen Lindstrom

Gloria Bardell

David Warrington

Georgia Glen

Janet Daniel

Joanna Brown

Lynn Nelson

Leslie McPherson

Ann Richter

Deepti Mohile

Vera Averina

Mary Maxwell

Darina Pasinova

Joanne Myers

John Scott

Niko Vargas

Julie James

Susanne Norling

Danbee Park

Alessandro Coraglia

Scott Kunkle

Charlotte Pouznoff

Linda Peterpaul

Norma Corbin

Zina Lee

Rosemary Johnston

Laila Tonder

Darla Fong

Sharon Ryan

Lois McNaab

Maria Blinova


Lita Fronika Wales

Isabelle Montigy

Lydia Kenny

Leon Kiernan (age 12)

Ingrid Van Gorkhom

Helen Hanby

Kairi Foster

Olga Rogovets

Elena Khristova

Shravya Tarimela

Patrick Kiernan

Liesbeth Ramon

Tracie Walters

Barbara Houghton

Alexey Kosarev

Lisa McDonald

Ellie Mae

Ana Victoria Guardia

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