Featured Student Artworks

with Cindy Wider – Author of The Complete Online Drawing Course

I really enjoy celebrating the successes of my students. Here’s a just a small selection of the lovely artworks created by my wonderful students studying at all levels of my course.

A Precious Moment In Time

Check out this stunning drawing by one of my self-teach studying students Juan Carlos Ortega Varela who is slowly developing his own stylisation.

Another Award Winner!

A huge congratulations to DrawPj.com Mentored student Deepti Mohile on winning another award, this time for her graphite pencil drawing of a cute little bird titled ‘A Short Layover.’

A Beautiful Blue Eye

This beautiful blue eye was drawn by Susanne Norling our DrawPj Mentored student from our coloured pencil section of the course as an optional extra practice.

Lonely Doll by Marta

This stunning doll was created by DrawPj Alumni mentored student Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska who has travelled from beginner to professional with me.

A Botanical Before and After

Here’s a great before and after example created by our DrawPj mentored student Tracie Walters. In the drawing you can see her level of ability when she first came to us and how she is drawing now.

Another Adorable House

This adorable house was drawn by our DrawPj.com mentored ldiko Kujbus using the rules of two-point perspective.

Lots of New ‘Old Hay sheds’

Landscape drawings are so relaxing and easy to do if you know how to use your pencil in several different ways. Here are a selection of recent Old Hay Shed projects from our Students

Another Great Realism Shoe

Check out this pencil drawing of a shoe created by Eva Anderson from our shading section of the Complete Online Drawing Course.

A stunning pastel drawing of a horse

Congratulations DrawPj Alumni mentored student Scott Kunkle on this stunning pastel drawing of a horse. I love the beautiful mood he has captured here, its so soft and mesmerising.

Kairi’s Original Composition

Kairi has been working so hard over the past few months to experiment, explore and develop her own unique stylised art form, working from her imagination combined with applying the ten principles of composition as learned in our course at DrawPj.com.

Avril’s Elephant

I’m excited to see this stunning elephant drawing created by our DrawPj mentored student Avril Parkes. Avril has created this drawing totally independently after working her way through a huge chunk of our course.

Before and After Drawing by Robert

It’s time to celebrate yet another DrawPJ mentored student success story. When our students study with an instructor their drawings just soar through the stratosphere.

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