This butterfly and flowers are such a gorgeous combination. Check out this stunning graphite pencil artwork by DrawPJ mentored student Isabelle Montigny who is studying in her mentored 2 level course.

'Cosmic Dance' pencil drawing by Isabelle Montigny

‘Cosmic Dance’ pencil drawing by Isabelle Montigny

In this drawing Isabelle has captured a very special moment and this is what she has to share with us about her artwork.

Title: Cosmic Dance
Size: A3
Paper: Fabriano Artistico Extra White Hot Pressed 300g/m2
Pencils: Caran d’Ache graphite pencils (15 Grafwood), Faber Castell Clutch pencils and Posca White
Summer 2018. South of France. Cosmic Dance is the newest addition to a series of drawings embodying the essence of mystical encounters I made while immersing myself into Nature. Elements intertwined. A butterfly joyfully gathering pollen on flowers. Flowers serenely offering their beauty to the world. All is one yet still depending on each other in a dance that we call life.