This spectacular snowy landscape was created by my mentored student Noah Nolywaika.

Snowy Landscape Pencil Drawing by Noah Nolywaika

Noah is just 20 years of age and began our course as a beginner at the age of 17 years.

For the past year I have been carefully nurturing Noah’s natural ability to refine his skills even further. The development in Noah’s work is spectacular!

I am now working with Noah to help him approach and present his artworks into galleries and to offer his works to the market as limited-edition fine art prints. His artwork is such a delight and would be a treat to own. These are the details of Noahs artwork:

Title: Inconspicuous
Size: 10″ x 7.25″
Photo: Artists own photo reference
Medium: Derwent charcoal pencils, Faber-Castell mechanical pencil, Saunders Waterford hot press 140lb watercolor paper

The Alaskan wilderness, clasped tightly in the frozen grip of winter, is an intensely peaceful and beautiful place. I count the quiet serenity of the sleeping landscape as one of my greatest treasures. In this drawing, I have attempted to show how much I cherish even a relatively obscure scene like this one.