Cindy’s Drawing Club

Reconnect with the joy of drawing

Inside Cindys Drawing Club you’ll be motivated and inspired to live your best creative life. You’ll learn to draw and colour right from the very beginning so that you can create your own imaginary characters and their worlds. There’s loads of simple bite-sized courses that you can complete in half a day, plus my comprehensive ‘Complete Online Drawing Course’.

You’ll also discover how to use many different art materials such as watercolour pencils, colored pencils, inks, acrylic paints, charcoal, graphite and more. Your confidence will develop naturally as you’re encourage, supported and motivated by your fellow members (mostly ladies around the age of 55 and over).

Bonus! There’s no more distractions from Facebook with all the noise and adverts because we have our own private space and even a convenient app for your phone.

Just usd $19.99/month (or save 17% with an annual subscription)

Colored pencil drawing by Cindy Wider

Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

Imaginary Play Inktense Drawing

Cuddleecats Imaginary Play
A super fun project – a fully rendered illustration of Cindy’s children’s picture book illustration ‘Imaginary Play’

Colored Pencil Drawing- Sweet Dreams Little Kittens

Colored Pencil Characters: Sweet Dreams Little Kittens
New from Cindy! Color-along with Cindy to create this lovely frame-worthy children’s picture book illustration

Learn to Draw In 60 Seconds (Woodland Animals)

Learn to Draw in 60 Seconds
Sketch quickly from memory and imagination with confidence

Colored Pencil Character Illustration

Colored Pencil Character Drawing Secrets
Color a fully rendered illustration of Cindy’s children’s picture book character “Mr Andy Snufflewood”.

Children's Book Character Max Cuddleecat

Coloring for Happiness Course
I’ll share my favourite coloring secrets with you in a super fun-filled project.

Cindys Club Color Alongs

Dive into colored pencils, watercolor pencils, inks, marker pens and more.


Easy step-by-step drawings for fun

Fun printables

Fun Printables
Print and color these using your newly acquired colored pencil skills.

The Complete Online Drawing Course

The Complete Online Drawing Course
This is Cindy’s classic comprehensive drawing course, loved by thousands of students!

Plus… The Cindy’s Drawing Club Community

Cindys Club Zoom Call

Just usd $19.99/month (or save 17% with an annual subscription)


“I love that in Cindys Club you can do things at your own pace. I love seeing your characters come to life through illustration and creative building.  I love seeing everyone sharing their efforts and having a go. I love having the opportunity to learn new techniques with new mediums. I love how getting immersed in the activities takes you away from everything else for just a little while.”

Amanda Schroder – Brisbane Australia

“I love the joy I feel while working on these beautiful projects. And then being able to share them with people who understand.”

Ann Petrochko – USA

“Cindy’s daily encouragement, with draw-a-longs, color-a-longs makes it seem possible that I too can become an artist, even as someone who doesn’t have an artistic background.

The caring community, the live shows all provide much needed support… Cindy’s generosity of spirit and support has allowed me to come closer to my dream, a dream I once believed to be elusive.

I’m so grateful I found this wonderful club.”

Shirin Shamsi – USA

Just usd $19.99/month (or save 17% with an annual subscription)

By the way…  who is Cindy?

Cindy Wider in the studio

Hi everyone, I’m Cindy Wider, an artist, author and illustrator living in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia with my beautiful husband Stuart, our two teenage daughters and much-loved pets, Jet the dog and Wednesday the cat.

I’m the creator of the Cuddleecat Family and Friends characters who live in an imaginary secret village inspired by a time we spent living in the English countryside. They’ve been in the making for almost 5 years. At the moment I’m working on my first children’s picture book after an award-winning gallery-selling fine art career that spanned over 25 years.

I’ve been sharing my knowledge through live classes, books, magazines and videos as a full-time career since I was 23 (and I’m now in my 50’s.) Life is great and I’m loving drawing more than ever! One of my greatest pleasures in life is helping others experience that same happiness. Come join us in the club!

Just usd $19.99/month (or save 17% with an annual subscription)

Frequently asked questions

I haven’t drawn or colored-in since I was a child. Is this for me?

Yes, absolutely. Coloring, drawing and creating characters is a fun and relaxing activity for adults of all ages.

Do I need prior drawing experience?

My courses, draw-alongs and color-alongs are purposely designed for all levels of ability so it’s perfect for you even if you’re a complete beginner.

Do I have to buy expensive art materials?

In our club you’ll be given plenty of ideas for alternatives so that you can even buy your supplies from your supermarket if you need to.

How often do I have to draw?

There’s no expectations on you at all. You can draw as often or little as you like.

Do I have to join a Facebook group?

No. We have our own private online space on ‘Mighty Networks’ where you can connect with your new friends through an easy-to-use app.

Just usd $19.99/month (or save 17% with an annual subscription)