100 Great Master Artists

The 100 Great Master Artists project gathers together artists whom I consider to be some of the great living masters of our time. These artists have been invited from many different fields of creative endeavour, not only traditional visual art, but also professional illustrators, cartoonists, digital artists and more.

I hope you enjoy discovering more about these great master artists, their sometimes very personal stories and their sources of inspiration. In turn I also hope that you too become inspired to appreciate their art either as an aspiring artist or collector.

Cindy Wider
Co-founder DrawPj.com
Author of the Complete Online Drawing Course

Alan Woollett – Master Colour Pencil Bird Artist

Alan Woollett is absolutely one of the greatest master bird artists of our time. In this interview, he shares with us some of his deeper thoughts and feelings as we learn more about Alan the man himself. He also has some very valuable advice to offer other aspiring...

Jesse Lane – Anatomy of Light Coloured Pencil Master Artist

Jesse Lane shares his words of wisdom and advice to help aspiring artists reach their goals. He covers important topics such as how he overcame his fears and developed confidence. He encourages others to accept critique, stay inspired and even become stubborn.

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