time line

“Time Line” by Emanuele Dascanio
Medium: Oil On Board – 104 x 54 cm – (2012)


This is the second and final part of my interview with the superb Italian Master Artist Emanuele Dascanio and it gives me great pleasure to share with you an even deeper insight into the life of the man behind the great art. In the image above we can see Emanuele working on two oil paintings in his studio.

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Part Two: Interview with Emanuele Dascanio

Q: Emanuele, when you create your artworks do you use reference photos or sketch from life?

A: Using great photos is like using a map but if at all possible, I prefer to make studies from nature (life.) What’s interesting to me is that neither can exist without the light. Without light there would be no subject and the light has the ability to change the perception that we have of this matter. The light has the ability to tell stories, to lie or to tell the truth.


"What Will Become Of Us" by Emanuele Dascanio

“What Will Become Of Us” by Emanuele Dascanio
Medium: Oil On Board – 43 x 43cm – (2012)


The Creative Process

Q: Can you tell us about your idea development and creative decision making process. Do you work in stages of developing the idea and if so what are those stages?

A: I use two types of creative processes. The first is to think of a concept and then draw a picture to express that concept. The second is more intuitive and the subconscious; the birth of an image inside of me and then I elaborate the meaning. For both methods I use rapid preparatory studies to initially capture the idea or concept.


Q: How do you maintain a successful work / life balance ?

A: I do not maintain a balance in this moment . If the painting takes time  I’m forced to take it off my private life . I work very often 12-14 hours a day. It’s an investment that I do on myself because I believe strongly in the quality of my work. If I sew a lot, maybe I’ll get the results in the future.


"Passion" by Emanuele Dascanio

“Passion” by Emanuele Dascanio
Medium: Oil On Board – 50 x 50cm – (2008)


Successful Career

Q: Could you tell us three of the most memorable moments in your artistic career so far?

A: My career has had a rather linear trend and slowly continues to rise. It goes hand in hand with the development of my artistic skills. The more my skills I develop the more success comes to me. Moments to remember are those in which I have set out with several of the leading exponents of Italian and international painting as my teacher or Marion Donizetti. Another moment that I remember well is that my drawings have had an explosion media confermache giving me the way I was traveling was bearing its first fruits.


Image of "John Petruccis Portrait" by Emanuele Dascanio

“John Petruccis Portrait” by Emanuele Dascanio

Q: Please tell us about any significant awards you have won or special projects that have made an impact on your life .

A: I have received several awards in national and international competitions in painting and participated in various group exhibitions of character very high in Italy as well as art fairs in the world.


Q: What do you aspire to achieve next in your career ? Do you have any significant goals that you want to achieve?

A: I aim to produce works increasingly important and significant . Just this. Success is not the end, is at most half .


Q: Do you have any suggestions to help other artists to make a successful career in fine art?

A: Of course it to my friends and fellow  artists to study and read the thoughts of Johann Heinrich Füssli .


Thank you Emanuele for sharing this interesting information with us. This ends the second and final part of my interview with Emanuele.

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