Susanne Norling – Art as a Form of Therapy

Susanne Norling is just as comfortable creating stunning realistic portraits as she is creating gorgeous imaginative children’s book-style illustrations. From one image to another Susanne uses her newly-acquired skills to express her creativity through a vast variety of subject matter. Her rich, painterly coloured pencil images are beautifully created to appear almost like an oil-painting. […]

Bruce S. Garrabrandt – Master Humorous Coloured Pencil Artist and Author

It’s true, laughter is the best medicine. Bruce Garrabrandt’s artworks have a very special way of immediately uplifting the soul. When we view Bruce’s fabulous whimsical and comical artworks we can’t help but smile. In an instant we’re whisked away, transported into another world. A world where things aren’t quite how they’re meant to be, […]

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