Meet our Students

Karen Piper – Creating in Multiple Mediums

Karen Piper has a natural desire to use multiple artistic mediums. She creates beautiful artworks in a variety of different art styles from realism to expressive and contemporary, into children’s picture book illustration and beyond. She is exploring with pastels, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, charcoal, graphite, digital art and several other mediums such as Sepia […]

Aleksey Kosarev – Imaginative Surrealistic Cityscapes and Environments

    The imagination of Russian Artist Aleksey Kosarev is truly spectacular! Through his mesmerizing, expressive body of work, Aleksey transports us into other worlds and places that just don’t exist in reality. His work is colourful, imaginative, surrealistic, geometric and abstract. There is a sense of something deeply mysterious existing in the worlds he […]

Denise Burns – A star in the making

Artist Denise Burns in her studio Denise Burns has a natural ability to design, compose and create beautiful artworks from the things we often don’t notice in nature and man-made objects. From the complex mechanisms of a spectacular horse carousel to the tiny markings on the surface of a lily pad, from the soft glow […]

Deepti Mohile

Deepti Mohile has been on an exciting journey from learning to draw as an adult beginner, she has gone on to become a multi-award winning artist. Deepti now enjoys a beautiful new career as a pre-school teacher. Her artwork has a special vibrancy and energy to it, that has us wanting to see more. In […]