Student Testimonials

“…I found DrawPJ and looked into it, and decided to do it. Thank Heavens. It’s one of the best things I have ever done. I had limited drawing knowledge but I had a desire to improve my art. I’ve always had a dream to be an artist, hopefully one day a successful artist and DrawPj has helped me realise that this dream is possible.”

Jillian Ridgeway – Australia

Update: Course Author Cindy Wider later interviewed Jillian for the DrawPj Show.
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Reviews from our Facebook Page

Whether you are a skilled artist or a Novice, you would benefit immensely from this excellent course.Cindy Wider’s method of teaching is both fun and engaging. The most complex concepts are taught in the most simplest way.

I would highly recommend her course to anyone who has an interest in learning to draw.

Sofia Arastu

Cindy herself is very actively involved in the course’s Facebook community… The other students are so friendly, & very keen to help. Whichever stage you are at, and whatever medium you want to try, there is always someone who will be keen to offer you advice. I thoroughly recommend this course!

Sarah Woodruff

It’s the best OnLine drawing Course. I am more than happy for been part of this great artists family.

Juan Carlos Ortega Varela

Brilliant courses, highly interactive with a very supportive family user group. The basics are thoroughly paced and active feedback provided then with facial / human character drawing, charcoal and colour. Structured and extensible. This is an ideal path.

David Savage

The best anniversary gift ever! Cindy’s instruction and advice is priceless, and I have grown exponentially as an artist because of her.

Kairi Foster

I won a little art contest with only having completed the first unit!! It was an affirmation to how incredible the course is….I am just on the first week of unit 2!! Future students should be inspired to start their journey with Drawpj because of how quickly the knowledge leads you to places you weren’t able to go before. Thanks so much Cindy Wider for your wonderful contribution to art education!

Addie Chrisman

I would highly recommend Cindy and Stuart Wider’s DrawPJ drawing course to anyone who have always wanted to learn to draw well whether they are an absolute beginner or already have some previous experience of drawing. The course is logically structured and takes you from the very basics to in my opinion advanced techniques of drawing.

All Thumbs

Cindy Wider is not only a great artist, but she is also willing to share her knowledge with others. Her teaching method is structured and well designed. It will help people who use the pencil for the first time and also those who just want to improve their techniques.

Caterina Salvidio

A very warm welcome and help every step of the way. An enjoyable and exciting way to learn to draw as you progress through the six units that teach you the basics of drawing. As you progress your confidence will grow. Upon graduation you are beautifully set up to embark on your on artistic journey…wherever that might take you!!!

Robert Peters

The way Cindy and Stuart have constructed the course combined with the amazing tutors means that anyone can learn to draw. It brings out the necessary skills for us to take them to whatever level we choose. I honestly never knew I could draw until I found Drawpj. My drawings were basic lines and now 14 months after I started the course I have a waiting list for commissions and I havent even finished the course yet! My next goal is to find some art competitions and enter them  Oh and to finish the course lol

Janet Lee Daniel

I have only gone through the first lessons so far, but I am really enjoying this drawing course and I am learning a lot! Cindy does a lovely job explaining and demonstrating the techniques she is teaching. You can follow along the videos but also print out the written instructions. The Facebook group that comes with this class is another bonus. Great way to grow, while being inspired and encouraged by other budding or more experienced artists.

Alina Claudia

I am enjoying this course so much… I like also the way it is structured into units. Also it is a lovely way to connect with like minded people from all over the world!

Hilary Tirnover

This is a wonderful course with a real insight into the amazing techniques needed to create beautiful works of art, it’s helped me tremendously already I’m seeing a real change to my work.

Vicki Biggins

“I started my experience with no experience at all, I just wanted to become an animator…

I understood after having bought several books and starting to draw by myself and I needed professional support and so I found DrawPj.com which for me was awesome because I didnt have to go outside to study.

I immediately understood that it was a great course because of my teacher who has always been very supportive of me in everything I did.”

Alessandro Coraglia – Italy

I am pleased that this course is so well designed; content broken into workable lessons with specific guidance, each lesson building on the prior one, and many examples for how the work should look.

Marilyn Martin - USA

It has been a wonderful experience to have an instructor who has provided guidance, encouragement, and honest and thoughtful critique of my work along the way.

Heather Bohannon - Usa

Previously, I had sporadic training in art but was hoping to get a good fundamental training on the foundational aspects. They did just that... I can see the drastic improvements to my artwork.

Thank you so much for not only guiding my skills, but also giving me more confidence.

Mary Maxwell - USA

I loved the drawing course... There is nothing like having a professional walk you through a course like this... it was like a light bulb coming on and I learned so much.

Cassie Chancy - USA

“My instructor has been patiently and consistently supportive through personalized critiques of assignments and projects completed outside the classroom. I’ve been positively challenged to improve my drawing and painting skills (by my instructor) in a way revealing not only her own passion for art, but that she genuinely cares about me as a person and in reaching my potential as an artist.”

Scott Kunkle - USA

Do you want to learn to draw? This course will definitely help you. I am glad that I have found this course. All instructions are very clear and easily understandable even if you are not native English speaker. Easy step by step exercises walk you through the basics to more challenging parts and it is up to you what time are you willing to spend on all these exercises. The detailed comments and advices which you receive from the instructor are helping you to improve your skills every day... Drawing is now time when I can relax, when I feel free and the time when all everyday problems just disappear. I have learned to see the world with my eyes opened. Art can help you to feel like different person if you put your heart into it.

Darina Panisova - Slovakia

I have always had the desire to learn to draw. Over the years as time permitted I would obtain various books on drawing, delve into them and attempt some of the exercises.

As it turned out I ended up doing more reading than drawing, and made very little progress. Consequently my motivation receded into the background, and I moved on to other activities. After some time my motivation would rise to the surface and I would repeat the process only to suffer the same result.

After retirement I decided to give it another shot, but I realized I would have to take a different approach to achieve a successful outcome. Fortunately I came across DrawPJ.com.

It was just what I needed. Clear, detailed instruction, pertinent assignments that reinforced the principles being taught, and challenging yet doable projects geared to the level at which one was functioning... This go-around I am making progress and getting somewhere.

David Warrington - Texas USA

“It has been an amazing an fulfulling journey so far and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw, to anyone who feels that they cannot learn to draw because somehow they don’t feel talented enough…

To me the two main things that stand out are the quality of the assignments and the unconditional support from my instructor…

At no point in time did I feel overwhelmed and when I did get stuck I could always rely on the support from my instructor…”

Walid Bakery – Canada

“I have enjoyed drawing for many years but recently I have joined the family at Drawpj.com and they have given me a new confidence in how I approach even the simplest of tasks. The outstanding feedback and kind words you receive from every exercise comes from remarkably trained, experienced artists. You notice your artworks coming to life a little more every week.”

Michelle Chantler - Australia

“…my experience of drawing was really freed up. I asked a question, got more advice, and suddenly I was asking my hand, wrist, elbow and arm what kind of shapes they would like to draw, and I found myself in a frenzy of fun and making marks all over the paper…”

Wendy Nelson - USA

“Now drawing is the enjoyable, peaceful, fulfilling, therapeutic, energizing activity that I knew all along it should be. Gone are the feelings of frustration, defeat, and disappointment. Thank you Cindy for creating this course!”

Holly Watson - USA

“By Cindy’s distilling of the knowledge down to such manageable chunks I feel able to take control and find ownership and I am now beginning to be able to innovate, the marker of really creative learning.”

Professor Emeritus Geri Smyth - UK

“I love the way it is written – small chunks of tasks that you can do as much or as little of as you’ve time for. Much better than any book I’ve seen.”

Sarah Pascoe - UK