Cindy Wider – Artist, Illustrator and Author

Imagine yourself creating storybook characters and make-believe worlds that are completely invented by you, from scratch. You started with just a tin of pretty pencils, paints and a pad of paper. Your ideas have come from deep within your soul and now they’re out onto the paper. Your art brings happiness, joy and wonder. It makes a difference to the world.

This is what I do in my daily life and also help other women do the same through my coaching programs and in my drawing club. Its a journey that I’ve constantly been on for more than 32 years. No matter what struggles or hardships I’ve had to face, drawing and painting have been there for me all throughout my adult life. It’s a language that I can use when words are not enough. This process of creative release has healed me, helped me to discover my true identity and brought me so much happiness and joy. Now its your turn, I’d love to help you do the same. Come and join me in Cindys Drawing Club. It’s life-changing.

Cindy Wider sitting at desk

Cindy Wider’s Cuddleecat Family

Selected Tropical Series Digital Works

Selected Papua New Guinea Series Artworks

Selected Coloured Pencil, Graphite and Charcoal Works


Cindy is the author of many art education publications including the soft cover books:


    Cindy’s artworks and tutorials have been featured in many international magazines:

    • Leisure Painter
    • SAA Paint Magazine
    • Anne Kulberg’s Color
    • Talking Point 
    • Drawn to Colour
    • Your Cat Magazine