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You’ve always known deep down inside that you can draw, but something’s been holding you back. You just need some help to get started and stay motivated.

Congratulations. You’ve found us! Everything you need is right here.

  • Self-study or one-to-one mentoring options
  • Friendly and supportive community
  • Fundamental drawing skills
  • Easy step-by-step
  • Study at a time that suits you

What Are Students Saying?

“The best anniversary gift ever! Cindy’s instruction and advice is priceless, and I have grown exponentially as an artist because of her.”
Kairi Foster – USA
“Everything is presented in such detail and clarity… I found my personal instructor to have unending patience and support to offer.”
Claire Osborne – USA

Just for a moment imagine…

You’re a member of a wonderful group of like-minded people learning to draw just like you. You’re all in this together, encouraging and helping one another every step of the way. You’re no longer alone on the journey of learning to draw. This is what it’s like to be part of our friendly, welcoming and supportive Facebook community.

Take things one step further… Imagine what it would be like to have a personal drawing mentor; a caring friend who can tell you exactly where and how you need to improve your skills. This is what it’s like if you take up the option to study in our DrawPj Mentoring Program.

With that kind of support who knows where your new skills will take you!

At DrawPj we love sharing our drawing knowledge and skills with you.

These are tried and true fundamental techniques combined with unique methods that have been honed over many years. With our help you can finally realise your dream of being able to draw once and for all!

You’ll be part of the most supportive online community of new drawing friends you’ll ever find, and optionally our laser-focused one-to-one mentoring will give you the best chance of succeeding.

“The way Cindy and Stuart have constructed the course combined with the amazing tutors means that anyone can learn to draw… I have a waiting list for commissions and I havent even finished the course yet!”
Janet Lee Daniel – Australia

Before and Afters!

Below are examples of students pre-instruction portraits on the left alongside their portraits on the right, created just halfway through the course. Yes, you can do this too.

'Before and After' pencil and charcoal drawings created by students

Just Six Steps to Mastering Drawing Once and For All

Step 1. We start you off nice and easy…

Basic shapes and construction drawing. All the fundamentals. Master these and you’ll feel your confidence growing already. Lots of fun introductory projects like ‘Peppie the Pup’ build your skills step-by-step.

Drawing course founder Cindy Wider presents a construction drawing project

Step 2. Wow! It looks so realistic!

Shading and Form. Those skills you’ve admired in other artists for so long are now becoming your skills too. Projects like ‘The Shoe Well Travelled’ will challenge you (but you are up to the task!) Your drawing will almost ‘pop’ off the page, amazing yourself and those around you.

Drawing course author Cindy Wider demonstrates a shading project

Step 3. Commission-worthy drawings

Portraiture. Capturing a likeness is one of the most admirable skills in art. It’s so satisfying. By the end of this section you’ll be well on your way to pencil and charcoal portraiture mastery. Some students even begin taking commissions at this point. (Yes, the portraits shown here are created by DrawPj students and they were all absolute beginners when they first started with us.)

Portraits created by DrawPj Students

Step 4. Look at the world in a whole new way

Perspective and Proportion. How can you realistically represent the three-dimensional world on a flat piece of paper? How do things we see change as they get closer, further away or turn towards us? These questions are all answered with perspective. Your eyes are now open to a whole new way of seeing and drawing.

Artist Cindy Wider demonstrates a perspective drawing project

Step 5. Fall in love with Colour

Coloured Pencil Techniques. It’s time to break out. Move beyond shading and into the wonderful world of colour. If you’ve ever wondered how professional coloured pencil artists can create artworks that are so rich, vibrant and with such painterly detail then wonder no more. You’re about to discover the secret.

Cindy Wider demonstrates coloured pencil drawing techniques

Step 6. Completely Original Art. Made by You.

Composition. Your ultimate goal. An original drawing that is completely yours. We’ll show you the way, but everything you’ve learnt so far in the course has prepared you for this moment. A beautiful artwork which is as unique as you are, and that you can be completely proud of. (Yes, again the drawings shown here are all by DrawPj students who were beginners once.)

Original drawings created by DrawPj students

“There are no words to describe the happiness I feel because I enrolled this course. Cindy Wider is an amazing professional artist and I thank her from the bottom of my heart that she decided to teach us to reach our best drawing potential.”
Andra Elena

“This is a wonderful course with a real insight into the amazing techniques needed to create beautiful works of art, it’s helped me tremendously already I’m seeing a real change to my work”
Vicky Biggins

Artist Cindy Wider holding a sketch book in a garden
Cindy is a brand ambassador for
Cindy Wider is a ambassador for Derwent Pencils, St Cuthberts Mill Paper and Mainie Clothing

About Course Founder Cindy Wider

Cindy is a professional artist, author and art instructor with 25 years of experience sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for drawing with her students.

As one of the internet’s most experienced instructors teaching online since 2008 she is the co-founder of along with her husband and fellow artist Stuart Wider.

Cindy’s unique method of teaching students how to draw is known as ‘The Cindy Wider Method’. The course which is based upon her method is the The Complete Online Drawing Course.

Cindy presents her course worldwide supported by her team of fully certified international instructors.

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