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Everything you need to take you from complete beginner to advanced level drawing skills is right here, all in the one place.

Our fun, super easy methods guide you gently from your first pencil strokes right through to creating your own original drawings. You’ll soon be creating artworks you only ever dreamed of!

So just pick up your pencil and lets get started!

Cindy Wider
Course Author and DrawPj Co-founder

“Even if you think you’re not naturally talented, this course is for you!”

We’ve been teaching beginner artists online since 2008

What’s Included?

Lifetime access to all course resources

IOver 25 hours of HD video lessons

More than 60 downloadable resources

kTwo complimentary instructor critiques

iSelf-study program – Learn at your own pace

Friendly and Supportive Facebook Group

What will I learn?

Every topic in this course is explained step-by-step and in detail, so you can easily master each skill along the way.

Relax and enjoy your drawing journey, knowing that its all been organised for you. Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll be learning:

  • Draw from life, photos or imagination with basic shapes
  • Add realism with six simple pencil techniques
  • Use shading to create depth and form
  • How to create the illusion of perspective
  • Create stunning portraits using Pencil and Charcoal
  • Master vibrant painterly coloured pencil techniques
  • Discover art styles and create from your imagination

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Drawing supplies

To get started right away with the first part of the course all you need is:

  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper or sketchpad
  • Plastic eraser

A computer printer is also useful if you want to print project booklets.

As you move through the course you can add to your supplies: Recommended Art Supplies

Who is this course for?

  • Adults and Children (10+)
  • Complete beginners – no experience required
  • Anyone needing fundamental drawing skills
  • Hobby artists and those drawing for pleasure
  • Students who intend to enter into formal studies in illustration, animation, graphic design or the visual arts

Sample Videos

Peppie the Pup Project: Outline Drawing

The Cross Hatching Technique

The Old Hay Shed Project – Trees and Leaves

Portrait of Isha – Part b

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The DrawPj Mentoring Program

Example recorded video critique for a mentored student

When you upgrade to the DrawPj Mentoring Program you receive laser-focussed critiques and advice from your very own drawing mentor by email.

Each critique is recorded on video for all assigned Complete Online Drawing Course exercises.

Pricing is from $1297 usd per year

Payment plans available upon request

Limited student places

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The Complete Online Drawing Course Curriculum

Here’s the six section lesson plan that will take you from your first lines to your own original artworks.

Introduction and Orientation

IWelcome to the DrawPj Academy
ICreate a Pre-Instruction Drawing
hThe Beginner Drawing Family Facebook Group
hRecommended Art Supplies
hStudying with a DrawPj Mentor
hStudy Blocks for DrawPj Mentored Students

Construction Drawing (pencil)

Essential Skills

IHalving Lines
IDrawing Angles
IIntroduction to Scribble Gesture
IIntroduction to Basic Shapes
IDrawing Rectangles
IDrawing Triangles
IDrawing Circles
IDrawing Ellipses
IDrawing Bell Shapes
IConstruction Drawing Examples
Essential Skills: Downloadable Booklets
hEssential Skills Summary

Essential Skills - Projects

IIntroduction to Projects
Peppie the Pup: Downloadable Project Booklets
IPeppie the Pup – Part A: Construction Drawing
IPeppie the Pup – Part B: Outline Drawing
Tallulah Ted: Downloadable Project Booklets
ITallulah Ted: Part A: Construction Drawing
ITallulah Ted: Part B: Outline Drawing

Major Project - Fred the Sausage Dog

Fred the Sausage Dog Project Booklet
IFred the Sausage Dog Outline Drawing
IFred the Sausage Dog Construction Drawing

Drawing 3D Solid Shapes

I3D Solid Shapes – Cube
I3D Solid Shapes – Sphere
I3D Solid Shapes – Cylinder
I3D Solid Shapes – Cone and Pyramid

Essential Skills - Bonus Project Booklets

Learn to See Shapes in Objects
Simple Man-made Objects
Marmalade the Rabbit Project
Oscar the Cat Project
Cyril the Squirrel Project
Cuddly Cat Bobby Project

Pencil Techniques - Six Pencil Techniques

hSix Pencil Techniques Introduction
IIntroduction and Smooth Shading Technique
IBroad Stroke Technique
IChisel Point Technique
IFine Lines Technique
ICross Hatching Technique
ICross Hatching Technique
IErasing Techniques

Major Project: The Old Hay Shed

Project Booklet
IIntroduction and the Graphite Transfer Method
IPencil Stroke Placement and Shadow Areas
ITrees and Leaves
IBackground Elements
IThe Roof Area
ICompleting the Foreground

Pencil Techniques - Bonus Project Booklets

Tulips in a Tub Project
Giant Cherry Cupcake Project
Happy Campers Project
Happy Campers Project
Shining Lighthouse Project


RConstruction Drawing Quiz

Bonus Section: Extra Reading

The Artist’s Language and Your Four Natural Abilities

Shading and Form (pencil)

Shading Techniques

Shading Techniques Introduction and Booklet
ICreate a Value Scale
IShaded Curves
ITwo Smooth Shading Techniques
ISoft Edge
IHard Edge
hShading Techniques Summary

The Theory of Light and Shade

IIntroduction to the Theory of Light and Shade
Theory of Light and Shade Booklet
IShade a Cube
IShade a Sphere
IShade a Cone
IShade a Cylinder
hTheory of Light and Shade Summary

Shading - Bonus Project Booklets

Bob the Boat Project
Puddles the Boot Project
Frangipani Dreams Project
The Holiday Project
A Variety of Subjects

Shading - Clothing and Folds

Introduction to Five Folds (essential reading)
IShaded Drawing of a Column Fold (tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of a Column Fold (speed drawing)

Major Project: Silver Kettle

Silver Kettle Project Booklet
ISilver Kettle Tutorial
ISilver Kettle Speed Drawing

Major Project: A Shoe Well Travelled

‘A Shoe Well Travelled’: Introduction and Booklet
IPart a: Introduction, first layer and sole stitching
IPart b: Impressing technique in shoe folds
IPart c: Laces and leather stitching
IPart d: Rubber sole and summary

Bonus Project: The Little Urn

Little Urn Resources
IShaded Drawing of the Little Urn (Tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of the Little Urn (speed drawing)


RShading and Form Quiz

Portraiture Foundations (pencil & charcoal)

Pencil Portraiture

Facial Features Introduction and Resources
IShaded Drawing of the Human Eye (intro and tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of the Human Eye (speed drawing)
IShaded Drawing of the Human Nose (tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of the Human Nose (speed drawing)
IShaded Drawing of Human Lips (tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of Human Lips (speed drawing)
IShaded Drawing of the Human Ear (tutorial)
IShaded Drawing of the Human Ear (speed drawing)
IMark the Positions of the Individual Features on a Face

Project: Isha (Child Portrait)

Child Portrait – Introduction and Resources
IPortrait of Isha part a – construction drawing and outline
IPortrait of Isha part b – hair
IPortrait of Isha part c – face and jumper
IPortrait of Isha (speed drawing)

Charcoal Portraiture - Twelve Charcoal Techniques

hIntroduction to Charcoal Portraiture
IArt Materials Video (part 1)
IArt Materials Video (part 2)
ICovering Large Areas with Willow Charcoal
ICovering Medium Sized Areas with Willow Charcoal
ICovering Small Areas with Willow Charcoal
IDrawing Fine Lines with Willow Charcoal
IDrawing Fine Lines with Charcoal Pencil
ICreating Gradations with Blending
ICreating Soft Edges with Blending
ICreating Hard Edges
IHatching Lines with Willow Charcoal and Charcoal Pencil
ILines with Variations in Widths
IErasing Techniques
IWhite Conte and White Charcoal Techniques

Project: Long Hair

Long Hair Project Booklet
ILong Hair: Step 1
ILong Hair: Step 2
ILong Hair: Step 3 (part a)
ILong Hair: Step 3 (part b)
ILong Hair: Step 4 (part a)
ILong Hair: Step 4 (part b)

Project: Short Hair

Short Hair Project Booklet
IShort Hair: Steps 1 and 2
IShort Hair: Step 3
IShort Hair: Step 4

Bonus Project: Curly Hair

Curly Hair Project Booklet
ICurly Hair: Steps 1,2 and 3
ICurly Hair: Step 4
ICurly Hair: Steps 5 and 6
ICurly Hair: Step 7
ICurly Hair: Step 8

Major Project: Self Portrait

Introduction and Resources
IInitial Guidelines
IBasic Outlines
IThe Final Outline (part a)
IThe Final Outline (part b)
IShading Eyes
IShading Eyes (continued) and Forehead
IShading the Nose
IShading the Nose (continued)
IShading around the face
IDrawing Lips / Shading Cheek and Neck
IShading Lips, Cheeks and Neck
IHair (part a)
IHair (part b)
INeck and Clothes

Bonus Projects

Draw Clothing
Child Portrait of Sumaya


RPortraiture Foundations Quiz

Bonus Section: Draw People and Characters

IHow to Draw Cute! (Part A) – live webinar recording
IHow to Draw Cute! (Part B) – live webinar recording
Draw People and Cute Characters
Draw Characters Worksheet
IPractical Application of Fundamental Techniques – ‘Baking for Mummy’

Perspective and Proportion (pencil)


IIntroduction to Perspective
IDraw Wooden Floorboards
IDraw a Simple Interior with Floor Tiles
IDraw Simple Rectangle Shapes
IDraw a Bookcase
IDraw a Fence
IDraw an Opening Door
IDraw some Steps
IDraw the Outline of an Interior Room
IDraw a Chair in One Point Perspective
IUsing a Scaling Stick to Draw Objects in Proportion
IProject: Draw a Simple House in 3 point Perspective

Bonus Project Booklets

Cosy Cottage
Animal Frenzy

Major Project: House in English Countryside

Little House in the English Countryside – Introduction and Project Booklet
ILittle House in the English Countryside (part a)
ILittle House in the English Countryside (part b)
ILittle House in the English Countryside (part c)
ILittle House in the English Countryside (part d)


RPerspective and Proportion Quiz

Bonus Section: Grid Method

Grid Method Introduction and Project Booklet
IGrid Method: Copy a Pattern (part a)
IGrid Method: Copy a Pattern (part b)
IGrid Method Project: Prepare your Grid (part a)
IGrid Method Project: Create your Drawing (part b)

Coloured Pencil

12 Coloured Pencil Techniques

Coloured Pencil Conversion Charts
ISharp Point
IDull Point
ICross Hatching
IStriking Strokes

Bonus Pencil Technique Project Booklets

Crazy Fluff Balls
My Colourful Kingdom
Secret Winter Wonderland
Country Cottage


Colour Theory Project Booklets
IIntroduction to the Colour Wheel
IThe Colour Swatch
ISix Colour Schemes
ISeeing Colour as Tone

Project: African Daisy

African Daisy Project Booklet
IStep 1
IStep 2
IStep 3
IStep 4
IStep 5
IStep 6
IStep 7

Major Project: Apple

Juicy Apple Project Project Booklet
IStep 1
IStep 2
IStep 3
IStep 4
IStep 5
IStep 6
IStep 7
IStep 8
IStep 9
IStep 10

Bonus Projects and Booklets

Double Hearted Rose Project booklet
Luscious Strawberry Project Booklet
IStep 1
IStep 2
IStep 3
IStep 4
IStep 5
IStep 6
IStep 7a
IStep 7b
IStep 8
IStep 9


RColoured Pencil Quiz


Composition Principles

Composition Downloadable Resources
IHow I Compose Original Art: Three Stage Process
IThe Planning Stage: Ten Principles of Composition
IAnalysis of an Artwork using the Ten Principles of Composition
IComposition Structures
ICreating Thumbnail Sketches using Composition Structures and Principles

Art Style and Inspiration

IThree Drawing Styles and the Development of Cindy’s Style
ICindy’s Art Style: Short film (for ABC OPEN)
Artist Style Case Study: Richard Klekociuk
IBotanical Gardens Art Inspiration with Richard Klekociuk
Art Style Case Study: Jandamarra Cadd
IJandamarra Cadd: Bridging the Divide with Colours and Dots (for ABC Open)
ISeven Tips to Find your Art Style
IExample Outline Drawing: “Waiting for the Next Meal”
IExample Thumbnail Colour Planning: “Waiting for Next Meal”
ISpeed Drawing: “Waiting for the Next Meal”
Colour a Hard Edge Drawing
Final Project: Compose an Original Drawing


RComposition Quiz

A special thank you to Cindy for making this amazing course and this community and to Brigitte for being so awesome and guiding me through the units. And last but not least, thank you to all my fellow drawpj-ers for being always so encouraging and for each one of you being so inspiring!

Liesbeth Ramon - USA

Your course really has changed my thinking about what drawing involves. I still have much to learn but thanks to this course I feel like have learned so much in such a short time…

A huge thank you also to Cindy for creating this amazing course and to Tannis my incredible teacher for her warm guidance and detailed advice and insights.

Patrick Kiernan - Japan

Brigitte is my online instructor and she is cool! Her feedbacks are encouraging and the tips are very useful. I would definitely say my confidence has increased a lot. The course content is very much in detail… so thanks Cindy once again!

Sujithra Narayanan - India

You have created such a wonderful course that allows us mere mortals to develop quickly the art of creating art. It is a huge thanks from all of us…!!!

One thing I am loving about all the DrawPj students being in the one group is how we are inspiring, motivating and praising each other no matter what part of our own journey we are on.

Robert Peters - UK

The lessons I’ve learned from DrawPJ have definitely helped with my paintings… I especially have Tannis (my instructor) to thank for that. She’s a good one for encouraging me to keep tweaking something until it’s as good as she knows I can possibly make it.

Claire Osborne - USA

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