Learn to Draw and Color with Cindy Wider

Hi I’m Cindy Wider. I’m here to help you discover the wonderful world of drawing.

Whether you’d love to color and draw-along in a community of like-minded friends, or if you want to master the basic fundamentals of drawing you’re in exactly the right place.

Check out Cindy’s Drawing Club and my One-to-one personal mentoring program below.

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Cindy’s Drawing Club

Character Drawing Courses and Community

Learn to draw and color in a nostalgic children’s picture book style.

Features fun and relaxing drawing and color-along activities, plus a wonderfully warm and welcoming community.

You’ll learn naturally just by doing!

No experience required.

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Nostalgic children’s picture book style!

I love that you can do things at your own pace…  I love seeing everyone sharing their efforts and having a go.  I love having the opportunity to learn new techniques with new mediums.  I love how getting immersed in the activities takes you away from everything else for just a little while.
Amanda Shroder - Australia

I love the joy I feel while working on these beautiful projects. And then being able to share them with people who understand.
Ann Petrochko - USA

One-to-one Art Coaching and Mentoring with Cindy

Cindy Wider is an expert at helping people discover their natural gift for drawing. Her unique approach is life-changing. She can help you break through blockages, overcome fears, stay motivated, develop more confidence and draw more often.

Starting as complete beginners many of Cindy’s students go on to drawing beautiful portraits of their own children, grandchildren, gorgeous flowers or favourite pets and so much more. Some win awards, sell their art or happily gift their creations to admiring family and friends. This wonderful transformation could happen for you too. Contact Cindy to find out more!

Cindy is an official ambassador for Derwent Art products
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Cindy Wider, I would like to say how much I appreciate your keen interest in me and my work, I really appreciate it. I’m so thrilled to be drawing at this level. My journey with you has been so rewarding and I’ve learned so much, I feel not only about drawing, but about myself.

Noah Nolywaika – Nenana Alaska

I just found out that I got an honorable mention award in the Light Space and Time seascape competition.  I am very excited!!  I couldn’t have done it without your help.  Thank You so much.

Lynn Nelson – USA

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Drawing Academy

Featuring Cindy’s classic “Complete Online Drawing Course”

If you’ve always dreamed of learning to draw, or if you know you need to master the basic fundamentals of drawing, then you’re in exactly the right place.

No more wasting precious time searching around the internet wondering if you’re learning the right thing.

This is a structured step-by-step course that works.

Portraits by Complete Online Drawing Course students

Whether you are a skilled artist or a Novice, you would benefit immensely from this excellent course. Cindy Wider’s method of teaching is both fun and engaging. The most complex concepts are taught in the most simplest way.

Sofia Arastu

I won a little art contest with only having completed the first unit!! It was an affirmation to how incredible the course is….I am just on the first week of unit 2!! … Thanks so much Cindy Wider for your wonderful contribution to art education!

Addie Chrisman

Online Drawing Tuition for Children

Online Children’s drawing lessons for kids with internationally recognised Drawing Mentor, Illustrator and Author Cindy Wider.

This is an on-going structured drawing program for children aged 7 to 11 years.

Cindy teaching child to draw
Online Drawing Tuition for Kids