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Artist Cindy Wider drawing with coloured pencils in the Cairns Botanic Gardens

Have you always dreamed of being able to draw?

If so, then take advantage of my 25 plus years of experience and research to give you the drawing breakthrough you truly deserve.

Get started today by requesting a Free Drawing Ability Analysis. I’ll personally advise you on the exact steps you need to take so that you can achieve your drawing dreams and goals.

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Drawing Courses and One-to-One Mentoring Programs

Everything you need to go from drawing your first lines to professional

Cindy Wider Drawing with Coloured Pencils

The Complete Online Drawing Course (with mentoring)

Coloured Pencil Character Illustration

Coloured Pencil Character Drawing Secrets Course

Cindy Wider in the Studio

Art Coaching and Drawing Mentoring

Books, E-Books and Reference Guides

Paint In Your Pyjamas Book Cover with Cindy Wider

Paint In Your Pyjamas!

Your Art Show Book Cover with Stuart Wider in Gallery

Your Art Show!

Cindy Wider looking up while drawing

Cindy Wider Method Reference Guide

Book Cover for 12 Coloured Pencil Techniques Book

12 Coloured Pencil Techniques Book

12 Charcoal Techniques Book Cover

12 Charcoal Techniques Book

6 Pencil Techniques Book Cover

Six Pencil Techniques Book

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Artist Cindy Wider holding a sketch book in a garden
Cindy is a brand ambassador for
Cindy Wider is a ambassador for Derwent Pencils, St Cuthberts Mill Paper and Mainie Clothing

About Cindy Wider

Cindy is an award-winning professional artist, author and illustrator with 25 years+ of experience sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for drawing with her students.

As one of the internet’s most experienced instructors teaching online since 2008 she is the co-founder of DrawPj.com along with her husband and fellow artist Stuart Wider.

Cindy’s unique method of teaching students how to draw is known as ‘The Cindy Wider Method’. The course which is based upon her method is The Complete Online Drawing Course.

Cindy presents her course worldwide supported by her team of fully certified international instructors.

Visit Cindy’s Profile page for more information.

Cindy Wider as featured in SAA Paint Magazine, Hochanda, Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine, UKCPS Talking Point Magazine. Also a Brand Ambassador for Derwent Pencils and St Cuthberts Mill Paper

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