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5 Drawing Secrets Every Beginner MUST Know

Over the past two decades of helping people learn to draw, it’s been revealed to me that those who experience the most SUCCESS with my course have these 5 SECRETS in common.

….and the SURPRISING thing is, that their success is NOT related to talent or natural ability! 

Once you know about these priceless secrets you’ll have the answer that could SAVE you years of wasted time, stress and heartache. Let me share these 5 secrets with you.

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Artist Cindy Wider drawing in the Cairns Botanic Gardens
Cindy Wider as featured in SAA Paint Magazine, Hochanda, Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine, UKCPS Talking Point Magazine. Also a Brand Ambassador for Derwent Pencils and St Cuthberts Mill Paper

Build your Drawing Skills Naturally!

The fun projects and exercises in my unique course are especially designed to naturally build, refine and combine your 4 Comparison Skills so that you can master the whole skill of drawing once and for all.

No more wasting time searching around the internet looking for random tutorials. No more wondering if you’re learning the right thing. Just follow my proven plan. You’ll amaze yourself as your drawing skills rapidly grow.


I am really glad that I chose the mentor option to complete the course. It was worth the money to get the feedback about what I was working on to improve my technique. It was very timely and constructive. Much better than I could ever have gotten going to college!

Sheila Perry - USA

I valued my mentorship with you enormously! You guided me so well through my first clumsy artworks to my later more accomplished pieces. You know exactly what a drawing needs and your instincts and advice are invaluable!

Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska - Netherlands

Your 6 Step Plan to Creating Your Own Original Drawings

Step 1. Start out nice and easy…

Basic shapes and construction drawing: All the fundamentals. Master these and you’ll feel your confidence growing already. Lots of fun introductory projects like ‘Peppie the Pup’ build your skills step-by-step.

Drawing course founder Cindy Wider presents a construction drawing project

Step 2. Wow! It looks so realistic!

Shading and Form: Those skills you’ve admired in other artists for so long are now becoming your skills too. Projects like ‘The Shoe Well Travelled’ will challenge you (by this stage you’re up to the task!) Your drawing will almost ‘pop’ off the page, amazing yourself and those around you.

Drawing course author Cindy Wider demonstrates a shading project

Step 3. Commission-worthy drawings

Portraiture: Capturing a likeness is one of the most admirable skills in art. It’s so satisfying. By the end of this section you’ll be well on your way to pencil and charcoal portraiture mastery. Some students even begin taking commissions at this point. (Yes, the portraits shown here are created by DrawPj students and they were all absolute beginners when they first started with us.)

Portraits created by DrawPj Students

Step 4. Look at the world in a whole new way

Perspective and Proportion: How can you realistically represent the three-dimensional world on a flat piece of paper? How do things we see change as they get closer, further away or turn towards us? These questions are all answered with perspective. Your eyes are now open to a whole new way of seeing and drawing.

Artist Cindy Wider demonstrates a perspective drawing project

Step 5. Fall in love with Colour

Coloured Pencil Techniques: It’s time to break out. Move beyond shading and into the wonderful world of colour. If you’ve ever wondered how professional coloured pencil artists can create artworks that are so rich, vibrant and with such painterly detail then wonder no more. You’re about to discover the secret.

Cindy Wider demonstrates coloured pencil drawing techniques

Step 6. Completely Original Art. Made by You.

Composition: Your ultimate goal. An original drawing that is completely yours. We’ll show you the way, but everything you’ve learnt so far in the course has prepared you for this moment. You’ll have all the skills to create beautiful artworks, each one as unique as you are. (Yes, again the drawings shown here are all by DrawPj students who were beginners once.)

Original drawings created by DrawPj students

Just pick up your pencil and start right away!

All you need to begin this course today is…

  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper or sketchpad
  • Plastic eraser

Note: A computer printer is also helpful if you want to print project booklets. As you travel through the course you’ll add to your supplies along the way. 

Ipad with drawing pad and pencils

Yes, this course really can help you too!

I didn’t expect much but the program seemed well structured and answered most of my questions so I decided to give it a try and I never regretted it I must say. My life is divided between before and after DrawPj!

Olga Rogovets - Canada

For me it wasn’t about just the course content, but the positive encouragement and interaction in the group I experienced. I wanted to learn but the people part was important to me, which I enjoyed.

Scott Kunkle - USA

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