Transform Your Life Through Drawing

with Cindy Wider – Drawing Mentor & Art Life Coach

Achieve your drawing dreams with Cindy Wider; the perfect Mentor for women aged 50+.

For more than 32 years Cindy has had the privilege of helping women discover their creative potential, more than they ever imagined was possible.

Cindy’s comprehensive course library includes fundamentals of drawing, character illustration for children’s picture books, construction drawing, shading, light and shadow principles, portraiture, perspective and composition.

Cindy teaches in a variety of mediums including graphite pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pan pastels and pencils, inks, watercolor techniques and acrylic painting. Claim your true talent and have fun along the way.

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Testimonial from Mentored Student Mary-Jane

Choosing to be mentored by Cindy was the best decision I made. Her mentoring has taught me things that would have taken years to learn on my own. Boosted my confidence as an artist. I have totally enjoyed working with Cindy. Thank you for everything Cindy.

Linda Elliott – USA

I have learnt so much in such a short time. Cindy is always available and so generous with her time. Her guidance, feedback and encouragement have been invaluable… Thank you Cindy you are an inspiration and I’m so pleased our paths have crossed.

Colleen Cooke – Australia

Starting the Complete Online Drawing Course with a mentor, has been one of my best decisions… I can be very hard on myself and being ‘judged’ can be very scary. But I learned quickly that Cindy is very kind hearted and positive. Her videos about my drawings are always filled with attention for things that I did right followed by areas where I can improve and showing me how to do so. I am now making drawings I would have never dreamed of making.

Thessa Kranendonk – The Netherlands

I have been working with Cindy for two years… for the past year I have been mentored by Cindy on a big project of writing and illustrating a book…. During the process Cindy has been amazingly patient and motivating and at the same time demanding and not accepting inferior work compared to my level. Working with Cindy a blessing nothing less and I enjoy every minute of it. 

Kristian Kirchheiner – Germany

Cindy Wider as my mentor sees my drawings with her deeper understanding and many years of experience. She helps to open my eyes and to see all of the little details. She explains areas that I did differently to the course notes or later to the photographs in a portrait. To see these little details and then to improve in the right way – that‘s the biggest difference from self-teach to mentored and for me the key to success!

Cornelia Urlass – Germany


I recently decided to do a portrait of my brother not realising how complex a beard would be. After watching many YouTube videos on the subject and failing with every technique, I approached Cindy… She took the actual work that I was busy with and personally recorded the impressing of the beard as a tutorial which I could follow.  I never imagined that I would get such support from a mentoring program… I would recommend anyone eager to learn or improve their art to sign up with Cindy.

Karen Piper – South Africa

I did not come into the course with any natural talent and I realized that perseverance and the ability to ask and get answers to my many questions was what I needed in order to learn. Having a specific critique geared to my level of talent has made all the difference. Cindy is a wonderfully supportive coach… There is no topping the one-on-one experience gained by having your own tutor… My “seeing” is much improved with Cindy’s mentoring and I am so thankful that I can turn photos into works of art.

Lynn Nelson – USA

Cindy’s critiques are so helpful and instructive it consolidates your learning and definitely speeds up your progress. Having forever access to the course and critiques is amazing value – it’s a complete personalised refresher every time you need it. When you come to work on your own artwork, Cindy takes time to find out what you want and determines a path to help you achieve it. She knows how to challenge you – to stop you taking the ‘easy option,’ whilst being there to guide you and help you achieve the work you wanted to. It really is continual learning in its most enjoyable sense. Most highly recommended!

Alison White – UK

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