Master Artist Interviews

Cindy Wider exclusively interviews some of the most inspirational and successful master artists of our time. From Pencil artists whose drawings are ‘more real than real’ to Illustrators have sold more than a million books, Cindy brings you stories of the real master artists behind the art.

Svitlana Holovchenko – Master Children’s Illustrator from Imagination

  Svitlana Holovchenko transports us into her spectacular imaginary worlds through her breath-taking childrens book illustrations. Her characters are imbued with a special kind of vitality and lifeforce that entices us to learn more about them and to travel with them through their life journeys. She creates incredibly beautiful, happy imagery that radiates positive and […]

Master Artist Paco Martin – Capturing The Beauty of Math in Coloured Pencils

Paco Martin is absolutely one of the greatest master artists of our time, creating realistic artworks in the medium of coloured pencil that mesmerise and fascinate us with their tantalising beauty. Paco has a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy both of which fuels his passion for Mathematics, Physics, […]

Bruce S. Garrabrandt – Master Humorous Coloured Pencil Artist and Author

It’s true, laughter is the best medicine. Bruce Garrabrandt’s artworks have a very special way of immediately uplifting the soul. When we view Bruce’s fabulous whimsical and comical artworks we can’t help but smile. In an instant we’re whisked away, transported into another world. A world where things aren’t quite how they’re meant to be, […]