Colored Pencil Drawing Secrets

Learn Professional Techniques Suitable for Children’s Characters, Coloring Books and Illustration

Welcome to the wonderful world of Colored Pencil Drawing!

In this course I reveal my professional colored pencil drawing secrets with a super fun project – a fully rendered illustration of my children’s picture book character “Mr Andy Snufflewood”.

Afterwards you’ll be able to apply these same techniques to your own colored pencil illustrations, characters or colouring books.

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Spend a few hours in the studio with Mr Andy Snufflewood… and me!

Grab yourself a cuppa and relax. I’ll take you through this step-by-step. It’s like you’re spending a few hours with me in the studio as I personally show you my professional techniques.

Don’t worry though. I’ve spent years figuring out the quickest and easiest ways to do things so that you don’t have to. Follow along. This is going to be a breeze.

    Art Instructor Cindy Wider in the Studio

    Amazing Colored Pencil Results Fast!

    Here are some of the pro tips I’ll be sharing with you…

    One Pencil Tip – Three Ways

    Have you ever used colored pencils and been frustrated as you constantly sharpen them? Your beautiful colored pencils very quickly shave down to tiny stumps before you know it. How sad! But it doesn’t have to be this way!

    In this course I’ll show you how to get outstanding results without having to constantly sharpen your pencils.

    Less sharpening means your precious pencils will last longer and you can color faster. It makes a massive amount of difference (plus if you are using expensive professional-grade pencils it can save you a huge amount of money!)

    (Interesting fact – while shooting this entire course I used a pencil sharpener just three times!)

    Finger pointing at a pencil point sharpened to a chisel point

    Vibrant Color, Depth and Form with Awesome Gradations

    Do you want to create coloured pencil drawings that almost pop off the page with vibrant color, depth and form?

    I’ll show you how to do that with gradations in just one color and also in multiple colours. You’ll see the effect in Mr Andy Snufflewood’s golden yellow overalls.

    A pencil drawing a gradation on a children's picture book character.

    Learn how to really impress!

    And when I say ‘impress’ I mean I’ll be showing you how to use the impressing technique to create a wonderful easy fur texture you can use again and again in your own characters.

    Finger pointing at a fur impressing map

    Inking your characters outline

    I’ll show you how to outline your character with accents to add interest and depth to your outlines, ready for the really fun bit… coloring.

    Pen drawing the outline of a childrens picture book character

    Give it all a bit of a burnish!

    Have you ever heard of ‘burnishing’ and wondered what that’s all about? Well…you’re in for a treat.

    I’ll be showing you (in a very practical way) how to use burnishing to add that final touch of gorgeousness to your coloured pencil drawings.

    Pencil burnishing the fur on a children's book character

    Plus loads of other tips and techniques sprinkled liberally throughout the course…

    This course was filmed in almost real time. As I’m drawing I chat about little nuggets of coloured pencil wisdom all throughout. No boring bits I promise!

    Three coloured pencils being held

    Works with cheap pencils and professional brands too

    The great news is that for this course it’s up to you what pencils you choose to use. The techniques I’m revealing will work with cheap supermarket brand-name pencils as well as the more expensive professional brands.

    Tip: avoid buying the super-cheap no-name brands. Either way, whichever pencils you choose for this course, you’ll be saving time and money just by using my super-duper ‘1 pencil tip – 3 ways’ method which minimises the amount of sharpening you’ll do.

    Assorted coloured pencil brands in boxes

    The Colored Pencil Character Drawing Secrets Curriculum

    Want to know everything that’s in the course? Here’s the complete list.

    IDrawing supplies used in this course
    One Pencil Tip - Three Ways (and how to use it to create awesome gradations)
    IIntroduction and Supplies to Use in This Section
    IHow to Prepare Your Pencil Tip
    IHow to Create a Gradation in One Color
    IHow to Create a Golden Yellow Gradation with Three Colors
    Using Gradations to Create Beautiful Form
    IIntroduction to Beautiful Gradation Form
    Resources Section: Practice Shapes
    IGradation Shapes – Step 2
    IGradation Shapes – Step 3
    IGradation Shapes – Step 4
    IGradation Shapes – Step 5
    IGradation Shapes – Summary
    Creating the Outline of Mr Andy Snufflewood
    ITransferring the Outline
    Resources Section: Andy Snufflewood Outlines
    IIntroduction to Inking the Outline
    IInking the Fur Outline
    IInking the Overalls Outline
    The Shadow Map
    IIntroduction to the Shadow Map
    Resources Section: Shadow Map
    Coloring Andy Snufflewood's Overalls
    IResources Section: Reference Image
    Golden Overalls – Step 1: Brown
    IGolden Overalls – Step 2: Shadow Edge
    IGolden Overalls – Step 3: Orange
    IGolden Overalls – Step 4: Yellow
    IGolden Overalls – Step 5: Burnishing
    Hairy Fur Ball!
    IHairy Fur Ball Impressing Introduction
    Hairy Fur Ball Supplies
    IIntroducing the Hairy Fur Ball
    IResources Section: Hairy Fur Ball Outlines
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 1: Pencil
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 2: Pen
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 3: Impressing
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 4: Black
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 5: Shadow Edge
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 6: Grey
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 7: Purple
    IHairy Fur Ball – Step 8: Warm Colors and White Burnishing
    How to Impress Mr Andy Snufflewood
    IAndy’s Fur Direction Map
    Resources Section: Impressing Andy
    IIntroduction to Impressing Andy
    IImpressing Andy – Step 1
    IImpressing Andy – Step 2
    Coloring Mr Andy Snufflewood
    IColoring Andy – Introduction
    Resources Section: Reference Image
    IColoring Andy’s Head – Part 1
    IColoring Andy’s Head – Part 2
    IColoring Andy’s Head – Part 3
    IColoring Andy’s Head – Part 4
    IColoring Andy’s Head – Part 5
    IColoring Andy’s Fur – Part 1
    IColoring Andy’s Fur – Part 2
    IColoring Andy’s Fur – Part 3
    IColoring Andy’s Fur – Part 4
    IColoring Andy’s Fur – Part 5
    IColoring Andy’s Tools – Part 6
    ICongratulations! You Did It!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need any drawing experience to enroll?

    This is for complete beginners. No experience necessary. 

    Who is this for?

    • Beginners who want to move beyond pencil or ink
    • Experienced artists who would like add colored pencils to their current drawing skills 

    What ages is this suitable for?

    This is suitable for adults and children 10+ (with adult supervision). 

    How long does the course take to complete?

    Most students take 3 to 5 hours in one sitting to complete the course.

    What if I get stuck or have a problem?

    Ask for assistance in the Facebook group or email us. We’ll be happy to help.

    What's included in the course?

    • 3.5 hour of HD videos
    • 15 downloadable resources
    • Lifetime access
    • Supportive Facebook community

    What art supplies do I need?

    • Colored Pencils
    • Graphite Pencil
    • Sharpener
    • Fineliner pen
    • Ballpoint pen
    • Tracing paper
    • Fine grit sandpaper
    • A clear plastic a4 sleeve

    All supplies are explained in a video at the beginning of the course.


    Here are some Andy Snufflewoods created by students

    Artist: Kay Carter
    Artist: Claire Eadie
    Artist: Ruth Duckett Waite
    Artist: Joyce Steele-Cox
    Artist: Tracie Walters
    Artist: Monica Ferm
    Artist: Betty Lankford
    Artist: Gerda Snyers
    Access to this course (and so much more) is also included in Cindy’s Drawing Club membership.
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    Still have questions?

    If so, we’re more than happy to help you