Teddy Bear Pencil Drawing by Mateus Vitor Borges

Oh how adorable! Check out this cute little Tallulah Ted. Created by Mateus Vitor Borges.

Pencil Drawing of a Teddy Bear by Mateus Vitor Borges

In this creative version of Tallulah, Mateus has added so much detail and personal expression! What an adorable little bear. Well done Mateus!

Teddy Bear Pencil Drawing by Giulia Riccardi

Oh how cute! Check out this version of Tallulah Ted created by our student Giulia Ricciardi.

Teddy Bear pencil drawing by Giulia Riccardi

I am always excited to see something new and different with this character which has especially been designed very simply so that it can be stylised. Well done on a great Ted Giulia!

Teddy Bear Pencil Drawing by Leena Sewhani

Everyone is a beginner at first and I just love celebrating those drawings that are right at the start of my course. This adorable Teddy was created by Leena Sewhani.

Teddy bear pencil drawing by Leena Sewhani

I enjoy seeing the unique touches that personalise this exercise drawing. Well done Leena. Cute little shirt and happy face. Great work!

Teddy Bear Drawing by Sumaya (age 11)

This adorable drawing of Tallulah Ted has been created by my daughter Sumaya Wider age 11.

Teddy bear pencil drawing by Sumaya

She is studying my DrawPj Academy 11+ year course as self-teach over at TeachKidsDrawing.com.au my brand new website specifically for kids (and homeschoolers/parents/teachers who teach kids to draw.)

Christmas Tallulah Ted Digital Drawing by Louise Cambier

Hohoho here comes Teddy Bear Santa! I love this cute version of our Tallulah Ted. Louise Cambier created this wonderful bear with a digital device.

Digital drawing of Teddy Bear by Louise Cambier

In this drawing Louise has demonstrated excellent proportion skills and spatial awareness to combine all of her shapes so well. Great work here Louise!