In her stunning artworks, Award-winning German artist Cornelia Urlass captures double meanings; the special moments in time that many of us might take for granted.  The clues lay in the titles she carefully chooses for each and every creation. Memories, thoughts and feelings that linger deep within her soul are expressed through subjects that are carefully chosen from her every day life.

Whether it be a gorgeous, vibrant colored pencil image of a garden flower (see ‘It’s Time to Shine’) or a soft fuzzy still life of cuddly toys – each with their own special story (see ‘Friends For Life’)  every artwork has a thought-provoking double meaning.

Cornelia reminds us of the importance to value our freedom and above all else to care for one another, she says “Only together we all are strong, no matter where we come from and who we are.”

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the art of Cornelia Urlass.

Bronze Award ‘It’s Time To Shine’ in the J. Mane 5th Anniversary Show 2023


Artist: Cornelia Urlass (awarded a Bronze Award with this artwork) Titled ‘It’s Time To Shine.’

This is what Cornelia has to say about ‘It’s Time To Shine’:

Art is my freedom of expression (my titles have more than one meaning). My inspiration comes from my surroundings like my garden or my travels – I want to show the beauty of the world. The inspiration for this floral artwork is a photograph of my own taken while walking through open gardens on the slopes of the Elbe River in my hometown Dresden/Germany. It‘s time to shine – for everyone who loves peace and freedom.


Details about this artwork:

Artist: Cornelia Urlass
Title: It’s Time To Shine
Paper: Hahnemühle Harmony Hot pressed 300 gsm
Colored pencils: Prismacolor Premier pencils and Zest it Pencil Blend
Reference photograph: my own in my hometown Dresden (but not in my garden)
Description: The title is not only about the flower – it also means we, the people, will shine and triumph over the evil or the truth will shine over the lies.

Artist: Cornelia Urlass Title: Friends For Life

This is what Cornelia has to say about ‘Friends For Life’:

I work with different mediums like Colored pencil, Pastels and Acrylic. My art is my soul food and helps me a lot to stay strong and positive. My inspiration comes from my surroundings like my garden or my travels.
These 3 little guys have seen the world and mean a lot to my husband and me. The little bear was his present for me and the little lion was my present for him shortly after we started our long-distance relationship in 2003. The little elephant was a present from my niece and joined us a little later in 2007. They come with us, when we travel alone or all together for our weekends and holidays. To have all 3 together means – we 2 are together as well!
I want to combine another message to my artwork, because we go thru difficult times: Only together we all are strong, no matter, where we come from and who we are. Conscienceless people try to segregate us normal people for their eagerness for power and control, „Divide and rule“ – the old principle. Let‘s stay and work together, no matter what happens!

Details about this artwork:

Artist: Cornelia Urlass
Title: Friends for life – only together we are strong
Paper: Strathmore Bristol vellum 300 gsm
Colored pencils: Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier

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