Ed’s Pencil Shaded Kettle

This stunning silver kettle was drawn by Ed Alsip from our shading and form section of the Complete Online Drawing Course. In this drawing Ed has successfully created 3 different ways to shade that are taught in our course; soft edge, hard edge and gradation.

Pencil shaded shiny kettle by Ed Alslip

He has also correctly places the 5 major areas of light and shadow; full light, shadow edge, half-tones, reflected light and cast shadow. All of these skills put together have made this a successful drawing. Well done Ed! It takes patience, self-belief, self- motivation, consistence and persistence to get to this level.

Tejaswini’s Pencil Shaded Kettle

This lovely silver kettle below was drawn by my mentored level 1 student Tejaswini Basani who is currently studying my DrawPj beginner level course. Persistence really pays off! Tejaswini has been persistently and consistently working through her course, applying my advice on the changes to her work every step of the way. This drawing is an accumulation of all the little steps coming together to form the whole skill as a result.

Pencil shaded shiny silver kettle by Tejaswini Basani

Tejaswini has successfully demonstrated fundamental drawing skills as she has been taught in her course at DrawPj.com:

  • 5 major areas of light and shade correctly positioned (Full Light, Shadow Edge, Cast Shadow, Half-tones and Reflected Light.)
  • 6 levels of tone beautifully applied from level 1 as the white of the paper to level 6 as the darkest dark.
  • 3 different ways of shading; soft edge, hard edge and gradation.
  • Blending with a stump/tissue or cotton bud

Well done on an outstanding achievement Tejaswini!