I am so excited to share this gorgeous totally original children’s book illustration image created by my mentored student and Instructor-in-training Kairi Foster.

Original Composition by Kairi Foster

Original Composition by Kairi Foster

Kairi has been working so hard over the past few months to experiment, explore and develop her own unique stylised art form, working from her imagination combined with applying the ten principles of composition as learned in our course at DrawPj.com.

Kairi has been refining this stylisation using coloured pencil and paint so that it looks almost like a cardboard-cutout/collage effect.

She has kept her palette very subdued with the cool blue-purple and blue hues contrasting against the warm yellow/orange-brown tree trunks. The accents of white in the unicorn lead us towards the white moon, then on to the white again in the waterfall which has a strong downward force leading us back to the foreground and into the white flowers (tiny mass sizes) that tease our eyes through the visual path.

This is a great composition as an excellent example of our ‘Ten Principles of Composition’ all coming together neatly in this foreground Frame Structure and the entire image sets a wonderful peaceful mood.