Colored Pencil Characters:
“Sweet Dreams Little Kittens”

Escape and dream for just a little while with this lovely color-along especially designed for your fun and relaxation. I’ll show you how to achieve frame-worthy results even if you only have inexpensive pencils and paper!

Fully guided by my commentary which is packed with my techniques, tips and tricks recorded in real-time, come and color-along with me as I reveal how I create wonderful textures which you can also use for yourself in your own drawings too.

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In this course I’ll show you how to create…

  • Soft fluffy clouds in a dreamy sky
  • Wooden textures in the Cuddleecat kitten’s bedhead
  • Clothing and folds with Maya’s golden yellow pyjamas
  • Clothing and folds with Ginger’s lime green pyjamas
  • White fur in Maya Cuddleecat’s cute little kitten face
  • Striped ginger fur in Maya Cuddleecat’s cute little kitten face
  • White fur in Maya Cuddleecat’s cute little kitten face
  • Highlights and shadows in their fluffy pillows and crisp white sheets
  • 7 different patterns on the fabric of the big bouncy quilt

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Here are the realistic colored pencil techniques that you’ll be learning:

  • 3 ways to shade – soft edges, hard edges and gradations
  • 5 areas of light and shadow for more realistic coloring
  • Smoothly and quickly cover large sky areas using your shoulder rotation
  • Delicate layering for light translucent areas
  • Gradual blending for small areas using hatching and Scumbling
  • Use colored blacks to add more vibrancy and life to shadows
  • Understand the differences when you change the order of layering colors
  • When to use a dull tip or a sharp tip (and when it doesn’t matter)
  • Blurred edges and sharp edges to send areas back or bring them forward
  • Plus so much more as you listen to my advice and commentary all the way through

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