Frequently Asked Questions and Terms

What art supplies do I need for this course?

Please see the recommended art supplies page

Main Features

What are the main features of the Complete Drawing Course?

  • Every exercise you complete as part of an instructor supported enrolment is commented upon by your personal instructor on a one-to-one basis via recorded video screencast and/or email correspondence
  • Freedom and convenience to study at a time that suits you
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand course materials with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Certificate of completion and CPD attendance certificate (signed by the Course Founder) is sent by post when you complete the full six unit course

Issues during the course

If you have any problems at all:

  • For course related issues contact your instructor
  • For technical, account or payment related issues please contact support (

Risk free 30 day 100% money back guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your enrolment at If for any reason you feel that our courses are not right for you then contact within 30 days of initial purchase and we will of course refund your money. In the case of a monthly payment this applies to the most recent payment.

…but of course you came to because you really want to learn how to draw!

We absolutely understand that making that decision to finally learn to draw once and for all, and deciding to enroll here at is not a decision you take lightly.

Here at we genuinely care about every student who comes to us. When students have occasionally come to us, thinking they want to give up, time and time again we have helped them work through their stumbling blocks and gone on to achieve amazing breakthroughs. We’ve been presenting our courses since 2003 and know that our students can achieve amazing results by following our unique structured programs.

If you really want to learn to draw then we are really here to help. If you have any problems at all then contact We are here for you.


What are the Complete Drawing Course prerequisites?

  • No prior knowledge is required to study this course.

Who is the Complete Drawing Course for?

  • The Complete Drawing Certificate Course is ideal for students of all levels seeking a solid foundation of fundamental art skills in a range of drawing mediums (graphite pencil, charcoal and coloured pencil).
  • Suitable for both absolute beginners and more experienced artists seeking to fill skill gaps.
  • The course is recommended for adults, young adults and children aged 12+ with parental supervision.
  • For adult students who wish to study alongside their young children (7 to 12) we also have a modified children’s curriculum. Please enquire if you are interested in adding this option to your enrolment.

What kind of computer equipment do I need to study this course?

The DrawPj Academy is best experienced on a PC, Laptop, or Tablet with a fast broadband internet connection in order to view HD videos. Access to a printer is also recommended for printing course workbooks. You will also need to either scan or photograph your artworks to email to your instructor (when studying the instructor supported option.)

Do I have to use Facebook to study this course?

You do not have to be a Facebook user to participate in this course. You only need access to Facebook if you wish to take part in the DrawPj Community Group. You will still be able to download the coursebooks and watch the videos to study the course without Facebook.

If you’re studying with full instructor support you will also be able to interact with your assigned instructor via email.

Course Structure

How is the Complete Drawing Course structured?

  • The course is presented as a series of 37 fully printable pdf course books and over 200 HD videos
  • The course is made up of six individual units, which build your skills one step at a time and gradually come together to form the whole skill of drawing:
    • Unit 1: Outline Drawing
    • Unit 2: Shading and Form
    • Unit 3: Portraiture Foundations
    • Unit 4: Perspective and Proportion
    • Unit 5: Coloured Pencil Techniques and Colour Theory
    • Unit 6: Compose Original Art
  • Each unit consists of 5 weeks for building your skills, with weeks 6 and 7 bringing together what you have learnt to create your final project.
  • Students typically study between 2 and 4 hours per week (possibly more depending on the unit and exercise) in order to complete the six unit course in 42 weeks. Length of your study time may vary from week to week.

What is the 42 Week Study Plan?

The 42 week total course duration is based upon sending one major exercise or project to your instructor per week, studying for a minimum of between 2 to 4 hours on a weekly basis.

When studying regularly and taking breaks between units (including during holiday periods) completion of the full course within one year is achievable. There are no assignment deadlines though. Study at your own pace with two years to complete your course.


What happens when I enrol in the Complete Drawing Course?

The DrawPj team will contact you via email to welcome you into the course and (if required) assign your instructor (usually within 36 hours of enrolment). If you are using our automated checkout you will have instant access to the course resources.


How often can I submit assignments?

  • Each unit is divided into one week study sections containing one or more exercises / projects.
  • You may submit one week of course assignments per week to your personal instructor for feedback.
  • There are no deadlines for submitting assignments, you may study at your own pace, however, each instructor will typically have a weekly schedule when they provide feedback on student work.

What kind of instructor feedback is provided?

  • Instructor feedback will be provided either via recorded video screencast, email correspondence, and/or PDF document depending on the complexity of the feedback required.
  • Long and in-depth feedback is generally provided via recorded video screencast (for example when you first submit an assignment).
  • In the case where only minimal feedback is required (for example where you have resubmitted an assignment for minor corrections) email correspondence is generally used.
  • In all cases your instructor will try and match the best communication method to suit the assignment.

Delayed Submission of Assignments

If at any time there is going to be a delay of two or more weeks before you submit your next assignment, as a courtesy, please inform your Instructor.

Whats the difference between Self-Study and Full Instructor Support?

Instructor Support

  • With instructor supported enrolments one of our trained personal art instructors will be assigned to you.
  • You will communicate with your instructor via email.
  • You have access to the course resources and will study them in conjunction with feedback from your instructor.
  • Your instructor will provide feedback for every weekly exercise or project, making sure that you are practicing all methods and techniques correctly. This process helps to ensure that you have the best possible chance to improve your drawing skills in the small steps along the way.

Self Study (previously known as Self-Teach)

  • With Self Study you have access to the course resources and will study them independently without instructor support.

Of course if you have any issues at all with your course, you can email DrawPj Support ( and we will only be too happy to help you.


How do I earn a certificate and what kind of certificate is issued when I complete the Complete Drawing Course?

Certificates are only available for students studying with full instructor support.

Certificates are issued when you have successfully completed (and submitted to your Instructor) all assignments, projects and quizzes (with a score of 85% or higher) for all six units.

Two separate certificates are issued upon completion of the instructor supported course:

  • Printed Certificate of Completion (issued and signed by course founder Cindy Wider and co-founder Stuart Wider)
    Optionally containing your course grades.
  • CPD Course Attendance Certificate (signed by course founder Cindy Wider.)

Certificates for instructor supported individual units

  • A printable Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you by your instructor as a pdf file, at the end of each unit (if all exercises and your end of unit project have been completed.)

What does CPD certification mean?

The Complete Drawing Certificate Course is accredited by The CPD Standards Office.

This activity has been assessed by the CPD Standards Office as equating to 200 hours of CPD. For more information about what CPD means for you visit the CPD and Employability Page.

Contact your relevant professional body, institute or workplace management for advice in regards to recognition of this CPD activity and/or equating the activity to an outputs or outcomes focused CPD scheme.

Subscriptions and access

  • ‘Single Payment’ Option – Complete Drawing Certificate Course – Instructor Supported
    • Students have a maximum of 2 years to complete their course with instructor support. Duration of access to the Complete Drawing Certificate Course resources and updates depends upon the offer available at the time of purchase.
  • ‘Monthly’ Option  – Complete Drawing Certificate Course – Instructor supported
    • Students have a maximum of 2 years to complete their course with instructor support. Duration of access to Complete Drawing Certificate Course resources and updates depends upon the offer available at the time of purchase.
    • Monthly instalment payments are automatically debited from the payment method you have supplied until the relevant number of payments have been made.
    • In the event that instalment payments are cancelled early then instructor support will continue to be provided on a pro-rata basis based on the number of payments made.
    • Students are absolutely free to cancel payments at any time by contacting or by using your account page in the DrawPj Academy.
    • It is your responsibility to cancel your monthly payments if you no longer wish to study. Please contact if you need assistance to cancel your enrolment.
  • ‘Self Study’ Option  – Self-teach – Complete Drawing Course – Lifetime membership
    • Students have non-expiring access to self-teach Complete Drawing course resources and updates.
    • Complimentary instructor support is available for the first 90 days of the self-teach enrolment upon request.
    • Complimentary instructor support is provided for Unit 1: weeks 1, 2 and 3 only.
  • ‘Self Study’ Option  – Self-teach – Complete Drawing Course – 1 year
    • Students have 1 year access to self-teach Complete Drawing Course resources and updates.
    • No instructor support is provided for this option.
  • ‘Self Study’ Option  – Self-teach – Complete Drawing Course – 2 year (no longer offered)
    • Students have 2 years access to self-teach Complete Drawing Course resources and updates.
    • Complimentary instructor support is available for the first 30 days of the self-teach enrolment upon request.
    • Complimentary instructor support is provided for Unit 1: weeks 1,2 and 3 only.
  • Individually Purchased Complete Drawing Certificate Course Units – Instructor Supported (no longer offered)
    • Students have a maximum of 6 months to complete their course with instructor support and 6 months access to course resources and updates.
  • Individually Purchased Complete Drawing Course Units – Self Study (no longer offered)
    • Students have two years access to self-teach course resources and updates.
  • Other courses and books
    • Bonus books and courses that are supplied as complimentary items when a subscription to the Complete Drawing Course is purchased have the same terms of access as the original Complete Drawing Course Subscription.
    • Courses and books that are purchased separately from the Complete Drawing Course have their own access terms. Please check the description on the sales page of the relevant course or book for more details.

The DrawPj Community

The DrawPj Community is our Facebook group which is available for all paid DrawPj students. Its a place where you can share you work, make friends and connect with your fellow students and instructors. All levels of ability are welcome, and everyone is free to post work that is related in some way to the course.

You can relax knowing that the DrawPj Community is not a critiquing forum. Its a place where we can all offer each other encouragement.

For those who require critiques of their work, private feedback via email is available from our trained instructors for all instructor supported enrolments.


Can I upgrade from Self-Study to Full Instructor Support?

Yes of course, this option is available any time to you. Just email and we will happily assist you.

Usage and License Terms courses and associated resources are protected by copyright and are licensed for the personal use of students with an active enrolment as per the enrolment or membership purchased. They may not be distributed in any way or used for commercial or non-commercial teaching purposes without the express permission of the author.

FAQ and Terms last updated 3/02/2018

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